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Twitter Web App : Do not give in to temptation. FX and BBC Present: #BlackNarcissus. Now Streaming #FXonHulu.

Twitter Web App : This is the worlds largest quartz crystal cluster on display. it was discovered in 1985 at the bottom of a 45 metre deep cave in the Otjua mine near Karibib in Namibia. It weighs 14,100 kg and took three years to excavate and remove [read more:]

Twitter Web App : Boris is a twat. Bounce him out of Downing Street at the first electoral opportunity, UK peeps.…

Twitter Web App : John Kerry The technology to do this already exists.

American can do big things. Remind the world of that.

#REALInfrastructureWeek #ClimateJobs

Twitter Web App : John Kerry Don't wait for a year to confront this. Be the example here at home. Transform the American highway system with a large-scale, job-creating, public works project to install solar wi-fi chargers embedded in the street asphalt which charges electric vehicles as they drive over them

Twitter Web App : The president-elect is right to rejoin the Paris Agreement on Day One. And he is right to recognize that Paris alone is not enough.

All nations must raise ambition together, or we will all fail together. And failure is not an option.

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Twitter Web App : Elect #RevWarnock, Georgia.

Put GOOD PEOPLE (and their awesome doggos) into office.…

Twitter Web App : Day 10 of #20DaysofKindness & the #superintelligence Family celebrates @feedingamerica, the largest domestic hunger relief org. Our friends @ellenshow and @shutterfly are giving an additional $20,000! Visit, A little bit of love goes a long way! HBO Max

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Twitter Web App : Day 14 of #20DaysOfKindness & the #Superintelligence family is highlighting National Homeless, who work to end and prevent homelessness while making sure those in need are protected. Visit to learn more. Remember, a little bit of love goes a long way❤️HBO Max

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Twitter Web App : Day 8 of #20DaysOfKindness & the #Superintelligence family is shining the light on The Trevor Project , a 24-hour, confidential hotline that provides crisis services to LGBTQ & questioning youth. Go to to give whatever you can to this organization 🏳️‍🌈🧡 HBO Max

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Twitter Web App : Day 11 of #20DaysOfKindness & the #SuperIntelligence family is giving $20,000 to Common Sense Media, the leading source for entertainment & technology recommendations for families. Visit our kindness hub, no donation is too small. Remember, a little bit of love goes a long way❤️HBO Max

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Twitter Web App : they queercoded one of the greatest characters of all time and killed him off before ever letting him live his truth #TheySilencedYou

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Twitter Web App : this is how dean was after cas died in s12.
and now they wouldnt even let him mourn because it would be seen as gay #TheySilencedYou

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Twitter Web App : I know, I know, Buddhism. But these fools are working my last nerve, and generally disturbing my CALM.

They're a walking insult to all the medical personnel working obscene hours trying to SAVE LIVES.

Twitter Web App : And I saw 8 people without masks (two of them mouthy and with attitude about it) on my trip to the grocery store this week.

4 of them in my apartment complex, where we've already had one infection.

Explain to me why I shouldn't punch them for being selfish bastards.…

Twitter Web App : I find that, just before I go for a walk, I can pour a bunch of Fritos into my mask, and just chomp away while I'm walking. Some fall out, but it doesn't matter, I'm outside.