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Android : Here is what Protesters of #GeorgeFloyd murder should be asking.

1- who elected the person in charge of the City and Police Department? They did.

2- who elected the person in charge of the state? They did.

Look in mirror.
Make a change.
What do you have to lose?


Android : The rioters are now in:


New York




What do they all have in common?
Democrat Governors and they're all Blue States!

Android : SHOCKING REVELATION: George Floyd and Officer Derek Chauvin Worked Security at the Same Minneapolis Club Up to End of Last Year… via Jim Hoft

Android : You can’t sue the phone companies for slanderous remarks made over the phone because they have no control over those. Social media companies, however, do control and monitor what is allowed on their platforms. Therefore they should be held liable just like any other publisher

Android : *Louisville demonstrators try to flip police transport truck*

Reporter: “This is peaceful..”



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Android : I’m watching the rioters park on our street & take off in their cars. They put people on the roof of their cars as a lookout or jump off easy. These are not ordinary protesters. Normal people don’t know how to do that. These are professional protesters.

Android : The Courts ruled today against trans athletes. They stated that allowing any natural born male athlete (even if transitioning to female) to compete against natural born female athletes DENIES the female athletes the same rights as male athletes & is in VIOLATION of Title 9.

Android : And another state joins the fray... Bets whos next? Honestly Im surprised that LA has remained quiet so far…

Android : Just one picture from tonight. This live feed of tweets has update quite a bit in the last couple hours if you want to catch up. Even a police station has been invaded and abandoned

Android : Yig Nearly 11am here. So I'll be awake to track it all day. Just saw some vid (8kun)of the 'copper's' neighbours speaking 2 a citizen journalist. They didn't know he was a copper. Never saw him in uniform. The house is now empty. Poof. Overnight. Without anyone noticing. 'stay tuned'