magical boobies and now behaving (@CBears74 )

magical boobies and now behaving

Bio Bears fan, married forever. smush and smash are my kids. Biker girl. I have no real cats. fuck trump. I am the Duchess of Hell,Satan is my husband 😈
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Android : Friendly reminder that the people calling liberals fragile little snowflakes for wearing masks once lashed out at NPR for tweeting excerpts from the Declaration of Independence on Independence Day.

Android : Donald Trump does the Bill Pullman speech from #IndependanceDay #4thofJuly

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Android : β€œIn the fields &jungles of Vietnam, they delivered a swift & swiffian, It was swift + it was sweeping like nobody’s ever seen happen. A victory in Operation Desert Storm, a lot of you were involved in that. A lot of you were involved.”… via PoliticusUSA

Android : I'm not in the mood for hearing how great Independence Day is.

I woke up, and trump has the freedom to declare war on people who didn't vote for him, Qarens still using cops as murder weapons, and cops who killed Breonna Taylor have STILL NOT BEEN ARRESTED.


Android : BREAKING NEWS: A mob in Boston has torn down two statues from the Old State House and set them on fire.

This occurred on July 18, 1776, upon the first public proclamation of the Declaration of Independence in Massachusetts.

It's as American as apple pie.

Android : Gee, the arguments in the family must go on night and day. πŸ™„πŸ™„…

Android : Donald Trump at Mt Rushmore preview. Have a tremendous 4th.

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