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Android : The bots and trolls trying to stir up bullshit about Mall of America should make everyone believing it feel like a moron. Check your sources. It's easy to find old, tired video the trolls bring out in the middle of the night.

Android : Repeat after me:

Donald Trump is threatening to take away our First Amendment. Four more years of Trump will result in the end of our First Amendment.

If you've #HadEnough with this #TrumpMeltdown, please Retweet.

Android : Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are poised to be the first astronauts to launch to orbit from American soil since 2011.


It’s launch day. We’re finally here. Godspeed, gentlemen.

#LaunchAmerica #SpaceX #Demo2

Android : I've #HadEnough of Trump breaking Twitters's rules almost daily, tormenting the widow of a dead woman & spreading outright lies, unimpeded

Meanwhile my husband and brother-in-law, Ed and Brian Krassenstein, were banned while spreading FACTS about Trump's behavior


Android : Today I learned the tiny little whisk I assumed was a salad dressing whisk and have been using for about two years to make salad dressings is, in fact, a Christmas ornament.

Android : Oh, when Karens take a walk with their dogs off leash in the famous Bramble in NY’s Central Park, where it is clearly posted on signs that dogs MUST be leashed at all times, and someone like my brother (an avid birder) politely asks her to put her dog on the leash.

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Android : Socially shamin' those who don't socially distance is an act of Patriotism, especially when you consider the Declaration of Independence proclaims that "LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" are our "unalienable Rights."…

Android : Whats your favorite movie of all time, friends?

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