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Twitter for iPad : Just a reminder from a walk through Canberra this morning that ‘Arts’ didn’t even make it into the name of the department. No wonder an $111 billion industry is so easy to overlook...

Twitter for iPad : The government refusing us JobKeeper has turned us delegates into Centrelink advisors, councillors. Were on the phone round the clock to distressed coworkers and what can we say? We deserve solutions.
Michael Inguanti, TWU delegate

Scott Morrison #DnataWorkers

Twitter for iPad : I take it that Leigh Sales will also ask the next Liberal Minister she interviews if AIG or the BCA should represent businesses interests in govt mtgs, since most businesses are not members of their associations.

Twitter for iPad : My interview on RN Drive this evening. It shouldn't be remarkable for govts, unions & business groups to work together, but it is because for 7 years this Govt has run down the relationships between workers, the unions, business and government. #auspol…

Twitter for iPad : All public sector workers, nurses, teachers, transport workers, police have been given a pat on the back & a slap in the face by ⁦Gladys Berejiklian⁩ this morning! This pay cut will be bad for workers bad for the NSW economy. #FairPayForNSW

Twitter for iPad : Westpac forecasting gross government debt to hit $820 billion in June 2021.
Seems a fair call given what we now know.
At this rate and in my view, debt will get close to $1 trillion by June 2024, after which it will likely stabilise as budget gets close to surplus.

Twitter for iPad : 27 electorates have never received a cent of the $1.126 billion in Community Development Grants.
It’s quite a coincidence that 22 of them – 81 per cent – are safe Labor seats.
The corruption keeps coming.…

Twitter for iPad : Qantas is caught out again screwing over workers: this time by Fair Work over abusing JobKeepers. Its been rostering workers full-time, on bank holidays and over-time for part of a payment period, but then paying them JobKeeper, no more. Were really not all in this together

Twitter for iPad : 3 years ago, the Coalition Government allowed wage cuts to hundreds of thousands of Australian workers promising more jobs would be created

Analysis from the ABS shows that NO new jobs were created and there may have even been a decrease in jobs in the impacted sectors

Twitter for iPad : "I went home and told my wife, we thought he must be in London. I searched up the number plate later that day and my computer search history shows that.”

Never cross a 70 year old retired chemistry teacher who keeps the receipts.…

Twitter for iPad : Being in office and bringing the budget back towards a smaller deficit over 6 years while also doubling the national debt (without a GFC btw) as the economy slowly enlarges naturally such that debt reduces over many years isn’t anything to crow about...

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Twitter for iPad : David Spears is not correct:
The JobKeeper underspend is not because the labour market is better than assumed.
“Treasury’s overall view of the labour market is unaffected by this reporting error”...“Treasury continues to expect the unemployment rate to reach around 10%” #Insiders

iPhone : It was simply a lie designed to to cut the pay of some of the lowest paid workers in the country & increase the profits of the companies who employ them…

iPhone : Says someone who was complicit in the shitbagging of Wayne Swan when Treasury got its forecasts for GDP growth and commodity prices wrong in 2012 and 2013.
Just a bit too cute…