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Twitter Web App : Tom Not The PM Just Another Cyclist I found this article quite eye-opening…
TL;DR there's a £3bn road project in Scotland that had a poor CBA. So they invented a value for "driver frustration" to push it above 1.

Twitter Web App :… Disturbing video. Manslaughter through diminished responsibility. (one for Prof Kyd 🐐 ). Unlike almost all those responsible for endangering/hurting/killing others, plainly mentally ill person.

Twitter Web App : George Monbiot Also, the "toxicity" - some of which is extraordinarily stupid - reminds you of how deep rooted the prejudices of car culture are.

Although I don't think I really need to be reminded.


Twitter Web App : George Monbiot Absolutely true George. I use it for my updates on what the Government claims to be doing to support walking and cycling in the UK - and whether it is or not. They're on Tuesdays #ideaswithbeers . It’s at 5pm sharp , e-mail to attend the Zoom session. 1./

Twitter Web App : Anything on social media about the (very limited) attempts to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians in London receives a lot of extremely stupid abuse.
Here is a dignified and apposite reply from paul gannon…

Twitter Web App : Linus Rees This will be mentioned in Tuesdays #ideaswithbeers . It’s at 5pm sharp , e-mail to attend the Zoom session.

Twitter Web App : Keith Alexander 🍉 responsibility away from the motorised for 100 years. Some "road safety" people would like a different environment, but never get around to reducing danger at source (which includes, but is a lot more than, changing highway design.


Twitter Web App : Keith Alexander 🍉 Basically it's a background assumption that assumes that danger from motor traffic is a given. It (generally) isn't conscious. It doesn't mean there won't be places where peds/cyclists have to "watch out" - it's just the "road safety" industry has been shifting the burden

Twitter Web App : Adam Brown Ralph Roberts Iain Docherty Driving worse (not just extreme speeding) has been a key feature of the lockdown - albeit from fewer drivers. I think "free flow" is something of a chimera, and that the kind who speed will do so however many queues, or not, that they encounter.

Twitter Web App : Keith Alexander 🍉 There is a long tradition of victim blaming and "dangerising" the basic sustainable and active forms of travel by the "road safety " industry, with its roots in the motor industry.