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Twitter Web App : Hey Will Norman any news of remaining allocations to London Boroughs for Emergency Active Travel?

Needed for Tuesdays #ideaswithbeers update. It would be nice to see you there: It’s at 5pm, e-mail brian deegan on to attend the Zoom session.

Twitter Web App : Ollie This kind of 1:1 explanation of the basics should be available for new/returners to cycling. Not everybody will need such explanations - but some will and they should be available from trained cycle instructors paid by local Gov't, not having to rely on a "good guy" being there.

Twitter Web App : Some - fairly minimal IMO - changes in London's Royal Parks due to be trialled.… . The big problem is Regent's Park, but to be fair to The Royal Parks the main stumbling block is Crown Estate Paving Commission, not them.

Twitter Web App : Dear Shama Tatler, it's now 8️⃣ days since you tweeted this ⬇️

We appreciate there are complexities involved, but statements do not equate to actual action 👷🏾‍♀️

Please announce dates, locations, timelines 📆🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️

Meanwhile, cars continue to fill the streets 🚕🚙💨


Twitter Web App : Andy Cox) 's Twitter Profile">Andy Cox CycleGaz™ Glad to see support for Andy Cox) 's Twitter Profile">Andy Cox here - with some ignorant people being educated about who hurts/kills/endangers whom on London's streets I hope other UK Police Services do the same! Roads Policing Unit (RPU) - Surrey Police - UK West Midlands Police Traffic Investigations Unit WMP Traffic GMP Traffic Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit Sussex Safer Roads Pc Lee - Safer Roads Team

Twitter Web App : Your read for today:
...the roads programme will add 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide to UK emissions from the Strategic Road Network between now and 2032 whereas those emissions need to be cut by 167 million tonnes to meet climate targets.

Twitter Web App : Scott Urban APPGCW are looking at carefully, including the role that moving traffic enforcement powers could play in helping councils to deliver their transport recovery plans. No decisions have yet been taken.”


Twitter Web App : Scott Urban APPGCW Activation of Traffic Management Act 2004 (Part 6) ? Moving traffic offences outside London (e.g. School Streets). Minister said yes in HoC BUT in written answer:
"The commencement of Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 is a longstanding and complex issue which we

Twitter Web App : Valuable report and good to have it so quickly. Need to learn as the pandemic impacts are not over. Most focus has been on "extreme" speeding but even small average speed increases (2mph) have significant impact on injury severity, especially for peds and cyclists. European Transport Safety Council…

Twitter Web App : Floatyboaty BBC Yorkshire Hmmm. Often by cars going on to footway etc. With wand or similar separation (as you suggested before) the ambulance could get through most easily with a light segregated cycle lane . Especially if enforced with cameras.