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Bio Who am I? A home finding expert who loves getting her Clients into the home of their dreams while supporting those dealing with Alzheimer’s.
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iPhone : There’s a seat for everyone at my table!
Happy Pride Month 2020 🌈
I believe now more than ever that the world needs #equality. This isn’t an option. It’s a right.

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iPhone : I say your name over and over. I read your words. Please I can’t breathe.
I stop.
I see the video. I can’t believe what I see.
I stop.
I didn’t know you in life, but I know this isn’t how any human being deserves to be treated. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Twitter Web App : Programs that allow seniors and adults to live at home have been cut. For example, it has been proposed for a complete elimination of Community-based Adult Services. STOP right now and let your elected officials know this is unacceptable.

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iPhone : As the #COVID19 pandemic continues to impact millions of Americans living w/dementia, their caregivers & nonprofits, I’m asking @mayorartbennett to include 3 bipartisan policies to support our community in the 4th relief bill. Join me City of Chino

iPhone : I follow Bethenny Frankel and #bstrong. I am not amazed that she can make things happen... I knew from watching her all these years that she could. If only we could get the people who run our country to be only half as capable as her. Her work is amazing!…

iPhone : The president is making a shocking admission on national TV: that he and some of his advisors actually considered just “riding it out,” or not responding to the pandemic at all, until they learned that 2 million Americans could die. Maybe THIS is why we lost that critical month.

iPhone : The #coronavirus outbreak is testing the resilience of the #iBuyer model during slowing and unsettling times for the real estate market. #Zillow, #Redfin, #Realogy andOpendoor are suspending their home purchase programs.…

iPhone : #LostYourJob? Apply for #UI Immediately
The good news for workers who have lost their jobs in recent weeks: they are most likely eligible for #unemploymentinsurancebenefits. That also includes workers who were furloughed, or whose hours were cut.

iPhone : This Younger Onset Alzheimer's disease bill passes! Together we can #endalz #alzimpact #alztogether.
Thank you #peteaguilar
The Supporting Older Americans Act of 2020 — includes key provisions of the Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Act.

iPhone : Some of you have never gone through a global pandemic during an economic crash with a reality show host president who ignores repeated scientific warnings and can't lead before, and it shows

iPhone : The #Coronavirus has now been very deliberately renamed the “Chinese Virus” by Trump to deflect his incompetent handling of a pandemic. If you’re cool with this, and his incitement of hate towards innocent Asian-Americans, it’s simply because you’re a fucking racist. Period.