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SocialFlow : Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees the company plans to reopen more buildings in more cities starting July 6.

Employees at those locations will be able to return to the office, but each will be limited to about 10% building occupancy at first.

TweetDeck : Mexico has recorded its largest single-day increases in both newly confirmed cases and reported deaths from coronavirus since the outbreak began

SocialFlow : Nodi was 14 years old when she says she was sold into one of the worlds biggest brothels. A decade later and with Bangladesh under coronavirus lockdown, she now is facing a new problem: hunger.

iPhone : Trump campaign manager on Twitter flagging Trump mail in vote tweets: “We always knew that Silicon Valley would pull out all the stops to obstruct and interfere with President Trump getting his message through to voters.”

iPhone : As we do every night in the The Situation Room we paid tribute to two more wonderful people who passed away from the coronavirus. May They Rest In Peace and May Their Memories Be A Blessing.

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SocialFlow : From a choir practice outside Seattle to a large funeral in Georgia, super spreader events create increased concern amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Twitter Web App : “He was pleading for his life.” Sen. Amy Klobuchar says the firing of four Minneapolis police officers for their involvement in the death of George Floyd, a black man who was held down with a knee as he said that he couldn’t breathe, was a “first step.”

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iPhone : >> Mark Hemingway: The only way to really hold Trump accountable is to hold ourselves and our institutions to higher standards, so that when we reject mean-spiritedness we do it according to a set of principles we all agree on.…

iPhone : WH counsel Pat Cipollone: “When the President loses confidence in an inspector general, he will exercise his constitutional right and duty to remove that officer.” WH doesn’t explain why the IGs were removed…

iPhone : Barack Obama was born in Hawaii; Joe Scarborough did not kill Lori Kaye Klausutis; Hunter Biden did not get $1.5 billion from China; Ted Cruzs dad did not murder JFK; vaccines do not cause autism; the Clintons did not kill Jeffrey Epstein; China did not invent climate change.

Twitter Web App : Grassley responds: I don’t dispute the president’s authority under the Constitution, but without sufficient explanation, it’s fair to question the president’s rationale for removing an inspector general....…

Twitter Web App : US coronavirus deaths:

90 days ago: 0 deaths
80 days ago: 19 deaths
70 days ago: 111 deaths
60 days ago: 1,588 deaths
50 days ago: 10,986 deaths
40 days ago: 33,268 deaths
30 days ago: 54,881 deaths
20 days ago: 73,431 deaths
10 days ago: 88,754 deaths
Right now: 98,913 deaths

Twitter Web App : .Joe Biden on committing a woman of color as his running mate: There are women of color under consideration, and theyre women from every part of the country ... Im not making that commitment .... Im not going to get into details.

Twitter Web App : Diane Keaton continues Diane Keatoning during quarantine

iPhone : Grassley deems WH counsel’s rationale on Trump firing of IGs insufficient: “If the president has a good reason to remove an inspector general, just tell Congress what it is. Otherwise, the American people will be left speculating whether political or self interests are to blame.”

SocialFlow : Nike has turned to King James to carry out its latest message about how sports can teach us a lot about hope and perseverance when times are tough.

iPhone : Joe Biden on Donald Trump attempting to belittle him for wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic: “He’s a fool, an absolute fool.”

More on Dana Bash’s interview via Eric Bradner:…

iPhone : I think I was just scared, Amy Cooper tells CNN.

Because it is terrifying for a black man to ask you to follow the rules and keep your dog on a leash!…

Android : Donald J. Trump Fox News Let me answer you, Mr. President: at least ONE broadcaster over there chose to tell the truth and you dont like it. And you will never have the SLIGHTEST CLUE what it takes to fill the shoes of someone like Mike Wallace. Against all odds, his son does it beautifully.

TweetDeck : 2 things can be true at same time:

1. Amazon has the right to try to help TV stations cover the parts of its pandemic response it doesnt feel are being (accurately) portrayed...B-roll etc

2. Doing it by prewriting scripts -- especially with current scrutiny -- looks terrible…

iPhone : On VICE News: ahead of the FL primary in March, I sat down with Marq Mitchell, a plaintiff in a key voting rights case to re-enfranchise former felons. A judge issued a decision in the case on Sunday. We have Marq’s story & what it means for Nov elex tonight 11pm EST VICE TV.

SnapStream TV Search : William “Roddie” Bryan Jr. was arrested in part because investigators believe he used his vehicle to try to “confine and detain” Ahmaud Arbery multiple times prior to his death.

Bryan Jr.’s attorney, Kevin Gough, refused to provide any insight into his clients behavior.

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Twitter Web App : Discussing the mental health crisis among young people with psychologist Jean Twenge on this week’s #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

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iPhone : Law-abiding, tax-paying Americans lose their jobs in the midst of a devastating pandemic; U.S. President calls it “great news.”…

Twitter Media Studio : The theater is a place that you go to in a time like this and the fact that thats not available is sad and heartbreaking.

Broadway actor Jordan Dean founded the The Clear Day Project to help groups in New York City most impacted by Covid-19.

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SnapStream TV Search : Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of George Floyd, a black man who was held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn’t breathe, officials said Tuesday. The FBI is investigating the incident.

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iPhone : The president keeps escalating his false claims about mail in voting. What evidence is there that “mail boxes will be robbed?” What does that even mean? And ballots are being sent to registered voters, not “anyone living in the state.”…

Twitter Web App : In an in-person interview with Dana Bash, Joe Biden calls Trump an absolute fool for mocking the former VP for wearing a mask. Presidents are supposed to lead, not engage in folly and be falsely masculine, he says.…

Twitter Web App : As for Trumps urging GOP to oppose the FISA bill...gonna be an interesting roll call.

126 Republicans voted for the bill in March with one (and now possibly two) changes. But if Trumps tweet prompts them to abandon ship, there arent enough Dems to pass the bill on its own.

iPhone : National Review editorial: Trump’s series of tweets the last two weeks about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has been grotesque even by his standards.

It’s unworthy of a partisan blogger, let alone the president of the United States.…

TweetDeck : .Joe Biden said wearing a mask is a sign of leadership, not weakness. He calls President Trump an absolute fool for mocking him for wearing a mask at a Memorial Day ceremony. More from @DanaBashs interview:…

iPhone : “If they have compelling content out of the gate, I think this is a good time for HBO Max to launch with streaming usage soaring.”

HBO Max launches tomorrow. Here’s what to expect.…

iPhone : According to the latest Q-poll, 64% of voters say everyone should be required to wear face masks in public.

67% say the President should.

The CDC says everyone should.

The science is pretty clear here and so are the politics.

(Curious that it is even framed as a debate)

Twitter Web App : President Trump tells pool reporters he will attend Game 5 of the World Series in Washington Sunday night. (assuming no sweep and no rain).

Twitter Web App : Their answer affirms why Klausutis and others went to Twitter to make it stop instead of just asking Trump, who has never really shown an ability to alter his behavior based on others pain or humanitarian appeals

Twitter Web App : Trump’s attacks on vote by mail aren’t meant to dissuade people from voting (in fact his campaign and other Rs are actively engaged in VBM organizing): it’s about sowing doubt about legitimacy of certain types of voters. Rural VBM = ok. Urban = illegitimate.

iPhone : Heres a graph showing how Fox News spent a lot more time last week discussing topics related to the OBAMAGATE conspiracy than it did talking about the coronavirus which has killed tens-of-thousands of Americans

iPhone : This is such a hideous and inappropriate thing to say. And just wrong. Many journalists are people of faith. It’s also our job to ask if it’s *safe* for people to go back to churches and other houses of worship.…

iPhone : WH Counsel letter to Grassley says “when the President loses confidence in an inspector general, he will exercise his constitutional right & duty to remove that officer.” Provides no specific reason for why Trump lost confidence in State IG Linick or IC IG Atkinson.

iPhone : In addition to a) misspelling Conor b) misspelling Lamb c) going after a veteran on Memorial Day as an American fraud, the president d) falsely claimed Lamb voted for Pelosi as speaker. Lamb kept his promise not to do so, voting instead for Joe Kennedy.

iPhone : ‘Please, I cant breathe, the man said, screaming for several minutes before he became silent. Bystanders urged the officer to release the man from his hold.’…

Twitter Web App : Miles Davis would have been 94 today. And Jimmy Cobb, drummer on Kind of Blue, just passed away. So my final tweet today is a tribute to both of them and that classic album. Song title sorta describes the market today too. Good night! 🎺🥁…

Instagram : “There was nothing that made him more upset than bad acting. “

The amazing life and impact of teacher and theater legend Wynn Handman, who passed away at 97 with Coronavirus.

My interview with his daughter, Liza…

iPhone : This photo stopped me cold. I met this 19 year old Marines father Richard (a renowned wildlife artist in Delaware) many year ago standing over his sons grave at Arlington. He and Chads mother Terri were so gracious with their time. Their son was 19. Nineteen. #NeverForget…

SnapStream TV Search : “We anticipate, over the next two years, our budget deficit is going to be anywhere between $1.1 and $1.7 billion. So, we’re going to have some tough times ahead of us,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed says about her city’s economic state amid the pandemic.

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SnapStream TV Search : I cant enforce something thats just not a law.

CNNs @DonLemon speaks to Sheriff Tony Helms about video of a Memorial Day weekend pool party at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.

The gathering violates social distancing measures intended to limit the spread of Covid-19.

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Twitter Media Studio : Were used to hearing stay home and stay home is the right thing to do. We now need to hear its okay to go shopping... We need to come out with some real rules that make people comfortable leaving their home and reengaging in the economy.

Gary Cohn on economic recovery

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TweetDeck : .@martharaddatz reports on how COVID-19 highlighted racial disparities across the country.

“Had she been anything but black or brown I think she would have gotten the care she needed. They would not have sent her home to die,” a Mississippi woman says.

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Twitter Web Client : CNN won a #webby award for best social presence in news and politics! Heres our #5WordSpeech. So proud of the whole team! #Webbys… @thewebbyawards

Twitter Web App : The White Houses answer to whether President Trump will allow Lori Klausutiss widower peace is .... encouraging people to watch a 17-year old Don Imus clip

Twitter Web App : In an in-person interview with Dana Bash, Joe Biden calls Trump an absolute fool for mocking the former VP for wearing a mask. Presidents are supposed to lead, not engage in folly and be falsely masculine, he says.…

Tweetbot for iΟS : “The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.” - Harry Truman…

TweetDeck : Any department that bases its values and its training on [the Constitution]...will neither produce, hire, nor tolerate officers capable of making the choice to do what was done in New York and Minneapolis, says law enforcement veteran Cedric L. Alexander

iPhone : Perspective. On March 5, there were 11 coronavirus deaths in the U.S. On March 12, there were 38. On March 19, there were 149. On March 26, there were 938. Right now - three days later - there are more than 2,000 deaths in the U.S.

Twitter Web App : Shifting rules and penalties force some small businesses to reconsider emergency loan program. Phil Mattingly reports

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SocialFlow : A probing look into the stories behind the rise of the most infamous tabloid in American history. Witness the shocking revelations from the publication’s insiders in #ScandalousFilm. Tonight at 10p ET on CNN

iPhone : Joe Biden: President Trump is an absolute fool to mock wearing face masks.

He added: Presidents are supposed to lead, not engage in folly and be falsely masculine

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Twitter Web App : Pomp, Circumstance, and COVID-19 tests. On todays episode of #TheDailyDC, Kristen Holmes is joined by Kevin Liptak to break down what traveling with President Trump was like on Memorial Day.…

Twitter Web App : 1/Some special news today! Its been a very sad and crazy times for newsrooms and journalism internships are suffering. So, a bunch of us editors are working together to provide a virtual summer school for any young person who wants to pursue a career in the business.

Twitter Web App : we need a Vatican ruling on Super Soaker baptisms…

TweetDeck : FBI ends investigation into Feinsteins husbands stock trades amid coronavirus --…

Twitter Web App : New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “Wearing a mask is now cool. I believe its cool. If I could sign an executive order that says wearing a mask is officially cool ... wearing the mask has got to be something you do every day”

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iPhone : Scan 5/27


Have a really good night all, I hope you crushed today for me it was so/so, but my fire is there for tomorrow. Cheers.

Twitter Web App : Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions again defends his 2017 decision to recuse himself from the Justice Departments Russia probe, saying his decision had been made in an attempt to help President Donald Trump…

Twitter Web App : A rare byline: The federal government spent 20 years warning Michigan dam was in danger before it failed.…

iPhone : First lady Melania Trump thanks students for helping to keep the US safe and acknowledging changes they’ve had to make due to coronavirus: “Please know that the President and I are with you during these challenging times, and we continue to do everything we can do to support you

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TweetDeck : Today has started off frustrating (my computer crashed twice), but I’d like to submit this picture of my cat to the universe, in hopes we can turn this day around.

Mobile Web (M2) : Im really interested in seeing what Jack does. I know that the internships I got in college put me in a strong position to succeed when I entered the work force.…

iPhone : In an in-person interview with Dana Bash, Joe Biden calls Trump an absolute fool for mocking the former VP for wearing a mask. Presidents are supposed to lead, not engage in folly and be falsely masculine, he says.…

Twitter Web App : Confirming Aruna Viswanatha: The FBI dropped its investigation of trades by Sens. Loeffler, Feinstein and Inhofe, per David Shortell. Burr probe continues.

As we wrote last wk, investigators were focusing on Burr while grappling w/ constitutional hurdles…