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Twitter Web App : Stepping back: even with the number of new cases declining a little, the absolute number of infections still occurring in the country is far too high for people to accept as the new normal.

Twitter Web App : While diagnosed cases are falling in the hotspots, a growing number of states outside the south show worrisome patterns, especially with school reopenings on the horizon. Here are five of them.

Twitter Web App : Something to watch out for: Some states have stopped reporting on both weekend days. For example, Louisiana didnt report yesterday, so todays numbers for the state are inflated.

Twitter Web App : Our update is published. Major caveat to the data: Texas did not report today. The other states reported 49k new cases and 726k new tests. There were 515 deaths reported, about the same level as last Sunday. For perspective, last Sunday TX reported 6k new cases and 153 deaths.

Twitter Web App : We wrote up the change here—and will be watching for improvements to the data states collect, especially on the COVID Racial Data Tracker team.…

Twitter Web App : New HHS guidance goes into effect today, requiring all testing sites to collect & report more information. We hope it is shared with the states, and the states make it public. We do not expect disruptions, like those with hospitalization data, nor do we expect perfect compliance.

Twitter Web App : And finally, deaths from the beginning to yesterday.

(Along with your periodic reminder that New York State still is not reporting over 5000 probable deaths recorded by New York City and the CDC.)

Twitter Web App : Taking a step back, the weekly picture describes a case surge that appears to be at—or just past—its peak. We also see testing at a plateau for the first time since mid-May. Deaths continue to rise.

Twitter Web App : There are two important conclusions:

1) The rolling 7-day average of reported deaths is a reliable, fast indicator of trends.

2) Contrary to some assertions, our method is usually an undercount for a particular date in the hotspot states.

Twitter Web App : There are multiple ways to visualize the deaths that states record. We publish deaths on the date a state reports them.

In our latest post, we looked at how our method compares to tracking deaths by date of death.…

Twitter Web App : The 7-day rolling average of deaths for Texas and Florida has now surpassed some early hotspots like Michigan and Massachusetts.

The trajectory looks more like harder hit states like New Jersey.

Twitter Web App : It’s the last day of July, which has seen a staggering resurgence of COVID-19 in America. It’s the worst month ever for cases and the average number of hospitalized people. And unsurprisingly, after declining since April, deaths rose this month.

Twitter Web App : One caveat on today’s total test number: Minnesota has updated their data recording, which resulted in a reduction of ~173k cumulative tests. We placed a zero in place of -173k for the daily chart above, so the real trend would be more apparent.

Twitter Web App : Our daily update is published. States reported 889k tests today, the second-highest total ever, along with 68k cases.

States reported 1308 deaths today, as the 7-day average continues to rise.