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Twitter Web App : Happy Friday! Get in touch if you have questions or need help:

Twitter Web App : Talk to your coworkers about wages and working conditions and organize. Don't settle for your boss's BS.

Twitter Web App : Working people are powerful when they join together. Just take a look at what Local S6 shipbuilders were able to accomplish at BIW this summer. They stood strong to demand a fair deal and they got it.

Twitter Web App : Mitch McConnell is a troll and we are TIRED OF IT.

Twitter Web App : We ✨REALLY✨ need to end the filibuster so our government can actually do all the things the American people want to get done.

Twitter Web App : This is GREAT news! The #PROAct is one of the most important pieces of legislation on the table right now for working people - we must get it passed in Congress in order to center working families as we build our economy back stronger.…

Twitter Web App : We stand with Filipino workers and will do everything within our power to fight back against Duterte's violent attacks on union activists and the free press. We must work tirelessly to pass the Philippine Human Rights Act (PHRA).…

Twitter Web App : We are the journalists of the Southern California News Group. We love what we do, and we are organizing to ensure that we can continue doing it.

Here's why we're doing it:


Twitter Web App : We are again here to remind you that billionaires should not exist.…

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iPhone : Raise the damn minimum wage. And then keep raising it. $15 is the bare minimum.