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Christoph Zaknun

Bio CEO of DAO MAKER co founder of the DYCO.

Very skeptical towards most crypto projects, I dont care why you think your bag will moon. Its probably still a scam.

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Twitter Web App : On the 4th of July, the precise date of the elrond mainnet launch will be announced & genesis staking 2.0 will begin.

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Twitter Web App : .Nash is building a great product, and users will soon take notice.

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Twitter Web App : And another great product is being pushed out! Just wait for the new social mining system next month…

Twitter Web App : #ICOs are no longer up to date & #IEOs are based on the same faulty framework - I will deminstrate to you how the future of tokenized #Startups could look like - Christoph Zaknun, CEO of #DAOmaker
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Twitter Web App : The new DYCO model by DAO Maker

- 80% of the money raised locked as a buyback fund

- Bought back tokens are burnt (deflationary supply)

- Theoretical bottom at 0.8x from DYCO price

- Potential arbitrage opportunity for DYCO participants

Read more:

Twitter Web App : Its been a long journey with 2key - Reinventing the Link. Dao Maker started collaborating with the 2key Team over a year ago, since then a lot of progress has been made as visualized in this video.

#Hardwork pays off eventually, even in #crypto
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Twitter Web App : IEO, ICO its all the same. Only use are short term flips.
They add 0 value to the long term of crypto and all dump.

If you want to build a serious #tokenized startups the only option is a #DYCO.…

Twitter Web App : Two years ago the world held its breath as the most innovative consensus protocol #Avalanche was published by Team Rocket.
From research paper to fully operable public testnet in less then 2 years - this is truly unbelievable work by AVA Labs 🚀🚀🚀 #AvalancheAnniversary

Twitter Web App : Welcome to the new world of #fundraising! 🎊

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Twitter Web App : DAO Maker CEO Christoph Zaknun on what are the problems with #ICO and how is #DYCO fixing it.

🔸No investor protection
🔸Lack of Utility
🔸No accountability…

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Twitter Web App : Never read so much stupidity in my life. Maximalists will just write anything to get engagement from the average low IQ follower. The woman is a freaking billionaire you absolute troglodyte..

Twitter Web App : Current token models have no incentive or accountability for creating a useless #token.

Most #crypto projects are not scams, but most #coins are.

This needs to change.

Twitter Web App : 🎦How is #ICO model broken and will never work

🔸Check out the new YouTube video, where DAO Maker CEO Christoph Zaknun is explaining how and where ICOs failed.
🔸It will never be a successful #foundrising model even if we get rid of all scams.
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Twitter Web App : WanaBe DAO Maker DYCOs have a refund for 9, 12, and 16 months. Only legit companies, would accept DYCO terms, since cant fake price for such a long time.