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iPhone : It’s too bad McGruff isn’t around today to get these kids off the vapes. However, we can celebrate his memory with his extremely yachty single, “Alcohol”, from 1986.

iPhone : Don’t know what the lore is with Eiriogh a more, just chasing the primordial titan/fallen monarch vibes

Twitter Web App : Thank you for enjoying THE FIRST DAY! This ep was a big team effort, thank you, crew!
FUN FACT: Troublemakers named after some very specific staff members. 👀 Sometimes you get crunched for time. And sometimes that gives you dope designs and fishhook earrings!

Twitter Web App : I found the pencil test of Lampwicks transformation into a donkey from Pinocchio. Its still a terrifying sequence, but a brilliantly animated sequence.

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iPhone : People rly do be out here making others feel guilty for getting recognized for being good at their jobs, huh? No rest for the wickedly self centered

iPhone : See also: Trump is fat and old and ugly, tiny hands, lol.

Like... thats what youre going with? Out of EVERYTHING you could condemn?…

Twitter Web App : Heres a few storyboard frames from Toadcatcher! I was still working remotely back then so I have the file. (might post stuff from 204 too later) #Amphibia

iPhone : Clerows Great Escape (1974) DFE, dir. Corny Cole

no idea how they got away with this on a TV budget, but WOW

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Android : Umm well, here you go-

#Rottmnt #RiseOfTheTMNT

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Twitter Web App : 1992 goth sun how i wanted to dress at 14 moon jeans fucker rising…

Twitter Web App : Hearing about black artists being hit up en masse and then ghosted is gross. If you cant offer a person a job in end, tell them why. At the VERY least, its a tool an artist can use to adjust their portfolio if need be. This is about giving black artists those tools to succeed…

iPhone : Kaho Kubo Ah! You captured Ishikawa’s laugh through Kageyama! I always imagine Kageyama laughing this heartily when I listen to the radio talks!

iPhone : This is my new favorite song. Been playing in my head since yesterday.

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iPhone : Breana Williams I’d recommend making sure your shoes have good traction! Depends where you’re going but most hikes around LA are p steep & have sandy soil in my exp so I find it somewhat easy to slip when not in hiking boots. I am baby tho. Hat & sun protection for sure in this heat! Be safe! ☀️

iPhone : Ive added a new goal on Patreon!! This time for spicy side comics >;3c
If you like my work, want to support me, and get fun goodies and bonus treats, Patreon is the best way to do so!!

Twitter Web App : I have what some might call range*

*purely the state of how lazy I am determines how much effort i put into a piece and that is why they can look so different.

iPhone : ThrowbackFriday to a 100 years ago when my sister was a little magical girl, protecting all from evil flying monster balls in her homemade Sailor Moon costume! 🧚‍♀️⭐️⚽️
#kidlitillustration #kidlitart #childrensillustrations #illustrationforchildren #tinysailorscout #childhoodmagic

Twitter Web App : My totally unscientific explanation of why I quit everything I start and how everything gets too overwhelming. Bigger Version on my homepage!
(Close-ups in comments)

#adhd #adhs #mentalhealth #comic #tdah

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Hootsuite Inc. : Some old art about our rats meeting Aggie. (Aggies a ratting breed but shes in love with our rats now. Theyll snuggle up and nap together)
Read the rest here:

Twitter Web App : Hier à la brocante yavais un stand qui vendait deux petits cadres avec des photos de fougère dedans.

Évidement, jai beuglé :


Le regard dincompréhension des gens était magique.

Twitter Web App : This man is a whole mood .. Lmfao, leave me alone in the morning

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Android : lyn I have audio-technica headphones and I love them so much. Easily wear them for like 8 hours with no discomfort, and often wear them caddywonk over just one ear with no discomfort as well. Highly agree and recommend this brand. Plus they sound really good.