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Bio I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for our movement, so that we can have our country back.

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Twitter Web App : Sun_Q_Tzu ⭐️⭐️⭐️ President Trump Very sad to see how many Trump supporters are cheering for Sessions' demise.

The utter vitriol and hatred for him is unwarranted and frankly, extremely disgusting.

I can understand how people are happy he lost, but the hatred for this patriot is disgusting.

Twitter Web App : USA TODAY Nice of you to ignore this study from Harvard that completely debunks the studies you cited.…

Twitter Web App : It's gonna be good.…

Twitter Web App : Define Projection chrissy teigen They're backed up because she's been deleting her incriminating tweets.

Twitter Web App : NYT editor Bari Weiss resigns in STUNNING fashion & exposes the Times’ rampant attacks on anyone who breaks from the far-left narrative. “Speak your mind at your own peril... the publisher will cave to the mob.” If you RT/share 1 thing today THIS is it!…

Twitter Web App : "The QAnon candidates are here. President Trump has paved their way."

Deep State and their fake news propaganda mouthpieces are scared to death.

Twitter Web App : Andy Ngô That's white liberals / communists for ya.

Bunch of brainwashed, hateful, racist hypocrites.

Twitter Web App : Antifa in Portland track down and accost a random Asian male who they accuse of being Andy Ngo.

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Twitter Web App : 100% positive test rate in Florida.

Not possible.

#Scamdemic #scamdemic2020…

Twitter Web App : First federal execution in 17 years.

17 = Q…

Twitter Web App : This is horrendous.

New York City is out of control, all because the communist mayor is trying his best to destroy the city, just to spite President Trump and force Trump's hand to bring in the military.…

Twitter Web App : Lisa Mei Crowley 🇺🇲 Nothing wrong with ASMR. Its very popular on YouTube and Twitch. Actually relaxing and calming if you find the right channel and person doing it.

Whats gross is Teigen saying theres nothing she wouldnt eat or drink, including eating humans.

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Twitter Web App : Satellite images show communist China opening all floodgates of the Three Gorges Dam.

Retired Indian Colonel alleges this was done "so that all evidence is washed away before the WHO representatives visit the Wuhan hospitals and lab."

Twitter Web App : Here we go.

President Trump is ratcheting things up against communist China.…

Twitter Web App : MaQi5er Ezra Cohen-Watnick went to Oracle on a mission.

"He has also previously worked at Oracle for CEO Safra Catz on expanding Oracle’s international public sector cloud business."…

Twitter Web App : Sergeants Benevolent Association boss Ed Mullins spotted with a QAnon mug in an interview with Fox News.

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