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Twitter Web App : Four years of Betsy DeVos is more than enough. We need a Secretary of Education who is actually a public school educator.

Twitter Web App : “Why would he want to take funding away from schools?” one reporter asked. Kayleigh McEnany said when Trump said he wanted to “cut off” funding he meant he wanted to increase it...but he won’t do that unless he's re-elected.…

Twitter Web App : I'm completely and utterly unsurprised that Fred Flinstone is bringing back executions after 15 years. These people LOVE death.

DOJ to resume executions next week for first time in 15 years…

Twitter Web App : The only thing I want to hear from Betsy DeVos is where the immigrant children are who were kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder through her Christian 'adoption' service.


Twitter Web App : NEW VIDEO: Lets NEVER normalize Trumps attempt to interfere with and shut down the free press.

RT if you agree it is president* trump and NOT the media, who is the #EnemyOfThePeople

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Twitter Web App : Dear Dr. Robert R. Redfield: In response to my request at 5:20 of this video, you agreed to follow science if it contradicts Donald J. Trump. If you now change CDC guidelines to appease Trump, you are not following science, you are being a political hack.

Twitter Web App : I feel like I am living among the pod people in an inescapable Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

This is real.
The pandemic is real.
People are dying.
This is nonpartisan.
Science is nonpartisan.

iPhone : I'm an ER doc, you can't bullshit me Doug Ducey. I just battled COVID in NYC and Andrew Cuomo did an excellent job with daily briefings, plans and school updates.

Whereas you:
- no mask mandate
- maskless Trump rally
- no ICU beds
- no #PPE
- no school plan
- no daily briefings…

Twitter Web App : Betsy DeVos is white privilege.

She knows nothing of public education. She knows everything about servicing herself.

She makes money off of schools.

She doesn't care about education. She doesn't care about children. She wants her money.

She is our chief academic mobster.