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iPhone : I will never log off this hellsite because of the laughs dumb shit like this can bring me

iPhone : i often think about how a libertarian guy like rand paul moves into a gated community with a HOA. the only thing worse than the municipal government saying i can't own a gun would be my shithead neighbors telling me my tree is illegal

iPhone : Going to keep the feeling going until the OSU or Michigan games because let’s have fun…

iPhone : The last time I caught the fever worked out well. So let’s go Indiana Football…

iPhone : The Big Ten West is demanding this punter enter the transfer portal immediately…

iPhone : You know what democracy looks like in Canada?

A card is sent to my house to tell me I've been automatically registered to vote, and that the poll is within walking distance. I forget to bring the card but can vote anyway. It takes 3 minutes.

You're looking at voter suppression.…

iPhone : When two dads got in a fight during the previews for the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Oh you probably mean related to a film’s contents...end of Infinity War was one of the funniest things in my life because of how much the air got sucked out of the theater…