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iPhone : ...and if y’all can explain to me how these dudes can have the keys to the kingdom and blow it all up...chile please do. Cause I “got clear” about that too and am now single.

2020 is still 2020ing but it’s gon be alright.

iPhone : This month’s digital fast has not gone at all as I’ve expected yet “Get Clear in August” is exactly what’s happening.

I’m becoming clear about my health, work/life balance, my professional goals and my personal life. Monday was scary but I’m figuring it out.

iPhone : Thanks for all the messages and DMs. I’m feeling much better but I’m taking this seriously.

I’m resting a lot, drinking lots of fluids and staying off my foot as much as possible.

Honestly, I’m feeling a bit lazy but I think overworking myself partly got me here.

iPhone : But I’m hopeful for myself and for other sisters and little Black girls who have big dreams and want to see them come true. I’m hopeful that today proves holding onto those dreams matter.

iPhone : Because when it comes to understanding the decisions Black women have to make to pursue their professional and political ambitions, there is little to no nuance. Because this world has no grace for Black women.

iPhone : I’m home and I’m resting. I feel better but I’m sore—like I lost a fight. LOLOL! I had grandiose writing plans with my foot elevated. But I’m in bed and going back to sleep. LOLOL! Please take care of yourselves. Stay in and stay hydrated. I’m going to do the same.

Love y’all.

iPhone : I’m overwhelmed thinking of what could have been and overwhelmed thinking of what didn’t happen. God is so good. Word got to my friends quickly and I’m grateful for that. Living alone, I’m thankful my friends have a system of communication to be there for me.

iPhone : If you possibly know Curtis (in Trenton, NJ) who took the 2:18pm train from Princeton Junction to Trenton Transit Center yesterday, please inbox me so that I may connect with him and thank him properly.

iPhone : I didn’t get his information but I really want to thank “Uncle Curtis” because he really saved my life. Where I was at the first fall, I could have either fallen down the steps or towards the train. He saw me stumbling and got to me as I was passing out.

iPhone : And all my friends and loved ones who texted, called and FaceTimed me and each other to make sure I was okay. As not to worry her (and not to get in trouble-ha), I didn’t tell my grandma until late last night before heading to bed. LOLOL!

iPhone : And, of course, to my Uncle Derrick and Uncle Dean who were on the phone with me the whole time, once EMS got to me, keeping me calm, reminding me that everything will be okay and cracking the occasional joke to ease fears and tensions.