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Twitter for iPad : Ok let’s review, the Government is preparing to claw back CERB from up to 800 K Canadian citizens while paying Elon Musk’s wife’s Quebec based distribution company.

What next arranging lucrative speaking engagements for the PMs mother?…

Twitter Web App : And with this I have lost complete faith in humanity.…

Twitter Web App : A quote for today.

"If I was trying to impress people, I wouldn't run around shouting bullocks...If I wanted to be suave, I wouldn't throw wet toilet rolls out the window at people...But I'm not #BryanFerry" -- #PeterGill of #FGTH
Infinitely better than daily #trump dumbness

Twitter for iPad : It would appear that the truth is determined by the powerful & the wealthy not by reality. His own party seems to be increasingly exasperated and attempting to humour him.

Trump in overnight meltdown makes eight false election claims in just four tweets…

Twitter Web App : I suggest a simple deal. In exchange for not being prosecuted, Mr Trump must agree to never appear on any media source again. Everyone wins. Especially me.…

Twitter Web App : I have nothing further to add. Please watch the interview.…

Twitter for iPad : I disagree with Mr. Singh’s political views, but, he has the right to do his job without being harassed on the street.…

Twitter for iPad : Kori Sidaway Ah the self appointed and anonymous morality police.
Truly the immoral minority. I hope your boss has sufficient fortitude to support you and ignore this fool.