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Android : I get it now. Ted and Heidi Cruz wanted their children to be safe, to have basic sanitary services like heat and running water, to leave behind a third-world apocalyptic nightmare for a safer place. Like so many parents before them, they decided to cross the Mexican border.

Twitter Web App : 2.5 pounds of jerky, smoked for about three hours. It came out well. #jerky

Twitter Web App : Stave turned birch canister with a spalted apple lid and poplar knob. Sealed with bees wax.

Fun turning, especially the apple wood.

Twitter Web App : Guy Gavriel Kay Missed that meme. Also will forever miss the Friendly Giant and Mr. Dress-up. And as a Winnipeger of a certain age I also miss Uncle Bob, petite and of course the sock.…

Twitter Web App : It would appear that I receive a little belated gift.…

Twitter Web App : It's not a #coup unless it comes from the #Coup d'Etat region of France. Anything else is just sparkling treason.

You must admit the jaunty wave while looting the speakers podium does have a certain panache. I hope he gets 99 years rather than life.…

Twitter Web App : Mean while in #Canada we are looking south with a mixture of concern and a slight tinge of smugness.…

Twitter Web App : Trump can now be seen leaving harsh messages on Canadian Tire product reviews.…