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Twitter Web App : Can't get over how much Americans care more about cute animals than people. Costco & Target drop a brand for using "forced monkey labor" (not a typo) while not one major brand has been dropped for using sweatshops in Asia or forced Uighur labor in China.

Twitter Web App : Kelly Ellis I saw someone joke that Gavin Newsom is trying to kill a specific person via COVID and using his policies to make it look like an accident. Sounds more plausible than mere incompetence at this point.

Twitter Web App : Twitter is a weird place because in-between tweets of people complaining that the minimum wage wont be raised to $15 until 2025, billionaires are YOLOing a couple hundred thousand into the $GME for the lulz and coming out ahead.

How sustainable is this level of inequality? twitter.com/chamath/status…

Twitter Web App : Substack likes to brag about no algorithms, etc but they'll need to decide what additional value they provide to authors to warrant a 10% cut since newsletter management will be a commodity feature.

Medium fell off partially due to underdelivering on this

iPhone : Initialized Capital asked its founders where they’d locate their startup if launching today and 42% said distributed/remote.

Don’t get caught up in the hype of individual cities. The future is living where you want, no commute and more time with family.

iPhone : Twitter has acquired @Revue, a paid newsletter service they plan to continue running separately. Twitter is now building both a Clubhouse and a Substack competitor. I expect OnlyFans/Patreon clone next.

That activist investor really lit a fire under them.

Twitter Web App : As a product manager I'm always in meetings. The only time management trick that's worked to get uninterrupted time is to either block of entire days as no meeting days or block of the equivalent of an 8 hour workday in 3 - 4 hour chunks as focus time.

Nothing else works.

Twitter Web App : Romit Mehta The tweets you want fact checked aren't those from bots with half a dozen followers. It's the stuff from politicians or other blue checks that are being seen by millions of people but are clearly BS. AOC will get lots of fact checks as will Ted Cruz. Will it help? I doubt it.

Twitter Web App : quinton stephanie If I became a billionaire from polluting the environment then sold all my stock, I'd have the good grace not to attack people who joined the company after I did and are trying to clean up the mess I made of the planet.

Twitter Web App : Social media apps will find new ways to avoid being arbiters of truth. The challenge with Twitter's birdwatch is that millions of people believe erroneous things so you can expect community fact checks of tweets about elections not being stolen or chemtrails not being real. twitter.com/TwitterSupport…

iPhone : At least one person on /WallStreetBets has shared they bought at $155.29 (spent $7.7K on 50 shares).


iPhone : Somebody bought Gamestop at over $150 today and its already down to half that. This isnt even day trading, its hour trading.

Lots of 😭 on /WallStreetBets when this is over.