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Bio London Assembly Member, Councillor Highbury East ward. Green Party parliamentary candidate Islington North. Chair Assembly Environment Committee
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iPhone : 👏"The. Only. Wrong. Thing. To. Say. Is. To. Say. Nothing"

Brilliant & powerful speech by Meghan Markle. I love how raw & open she is about her speech being picked apart but put others before her fear. My respect for Duchess of Sussex has gone up another notch #BlackLivesMatter…

iPhone : Grant Shapps champions a "green transport revolution" as it emerges airlines and car manufacturers have been given the cash.

- Ryanair and Easyjet £600m each

- BA and Wizz £300m

- Nissan £600m

- Toyota £365m

- Rolls Royce £300m

What planet is he on?…

Twitter Web App : Ok we're intervening.

The city cannot hold this number of motor vehicles while there's a serious respiratory infection floating around.

People are being forced off bikes because of the number of motor vehicles.

We have reduced our passenger prices significantly..

iPhone : Sadiq Khan I particularly like this new section. Until yesterday, many people on bikes chose to use the old narrow cycle lane on the pavement underneath this bridge - I don’t blame them. Now they have protected space on the road, the pavement is freed up for people walking. #BeforeAndAfter

iPhone : SOUND ON🔊
Welcome back to school kids!
Imagine being a 6 year old coming out of a 10 week lockdown to this noise &disruption!! What do you have to say to these children @ocado & M&S? Your parents will love our 1-hour food deliver system?😡 #nocado!

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Twitter Web App : You can see my full response here, and you can write to TfL with your own views today by emailing ‘’…

Twitter Web App : I have (again!) pressed TfL and Mayor to act fast to bring in a smart, fair privacy-friendly road-pricing scheme – that’s where people pay a small fee per mile and according to engine emissions – it's a smart way of tackling congestion and air pollution in an over-crowded city.

Twitter Web App : The Congestion Charge has actually been frozen ❄️since 2014, and the cost of motoring has fallen in the past decade. If London is to avoid a polluted, gridlocked car-led recovery, we need a charge that deters jumping in the car, and safer conditions for walking and cycling.

Twitter Web App : Last month (on the 11th of May) I called on the Mayor to bring back the congestion charge, along with the LEZ and ULEZ, and that took place a week later on the 18th of May.…

Twitter Web App : Transport for London is right to be increasing the congestion charge later this month, and I have written to support the changes with a few concerns. You can respond here:…

Twitter Web App : We can’t ever go back to a situation where it’s okay to choke asthma sufferers with toxic air…

iPhone : Thank you Caroline for being an ally. #JusticeforBellyMujinga #JusticeForTrevorBelle
We NEED to protect our frontline workers who continue to go out and is subjected to increasing physical and verbal abuse (including my mum).

iPhone : "It is not a coincidence that yet again we are seeing harsh police tactics being used more often against the black community. The reasons behind this must be taken seriously," #BlackLivesMatter…

Twitter Web App : I won't stop raising these issues with the Mayor through my work on the Assembly to get better protection for transport workers and especially BAME colleagues who are more vulnerable in this crisis, and who were, and still are, already exposed to racist behaviour and attacks.

Twitter Web App : Although British Transport Police said her assailant didn’t have coronavirus, it is clear that she was targeted and assaulted while simply being at work. This is completely unacceptable, and her death is a tragedy for her family, her friends, her colleagues, and for London.

Twitter Web App : Spitting at bus drivers is not only disrespectful but also dangerous when it can spread a deadly virus.
The awful death of Belly Mujinga, who was spat at and tragically died of coronavirus, has shocked the country.