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Android : 2) While no marriage is perfect ours has been pretty close. We have 2 wonderful children together & a house that we have made n2 a home. Here's 2 the next 31 or more & 2 the one that I will weather all of the stroms with no matter how rough they are. Happy 31st anniversary Jackie

Android : 1) 31 years ago today hurricane hugo came up the east coast at the same time that I was starting my new life as a husband. Just like all of the storms that have come thru in the last 31 years we have survived and weathered them all.

Twitter for iPad : Jake Schneider Setting the I have been tested positive for COVID and must quarantine for 14 days which means that I will have to miss the debate. The kicker is that he would miss the debates weather he was there or not.

Twitter for iPad : Donald J. Trump Just waiting until November 3rd when I can do it in person 1 more time to help keep President Donald J Trump in office for 4 more years🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Twitter for iPad : Terrence K. Williams Hopefully who ever he pick and hopefully get approved by the senator will stand up for our 2nd A rights. It has been way over due for our rights to be protected

Android : David Shafer Joe Biden CNN Here he goes making shit up about himself again to make himself look better. Which is impossible. You would think he would have learned by know that everything can be looked up or "fact checked" ( i hate that leftest term)

Android : CHIZ 🇺🇸 Now that's funny. Most people don't get it because they didn't read it correctly. We all know that sleepy can't answer any questions so it going to be President Trump verses Chris Wallace. Either way going to be a blood bath for sleepy if he is even coherent enough 2 understand

Android : #BLACKSFORTRUMP 1st congrats on the 11 year mark. 2nd keep up the fight & never let that evil monster back onto your life. You have fought way too hard 2 get 2 this point. I didn't get that monkey but 2.25 years no cigarettes & I know the temptation never really goes completely away. Stay strong

Twitter for iPad : Phil Van Cleave VCDL Give em hell Phil. You and VCDL have done more to protect our 2A right in Va with this grassroots organization than the nra and its deep pockets which is based in Fairfax.

Twitter for iPad : The First If the shoe fits. don’t try and push the blame off to someone else. Have a set of ball like our president and say the truth. This woman has disgraced the office of the speaker of the house. The even scarier thing is that she is 3rd in line 2 the nuclear codes.

Twitter for iPad : Dan Bongino I guess the school board has been swamped with phone calls and the of over 20,000 signatures that the 2 player have been unsupended from the team.

Android : Cam Edwards Meet mine @ 18 on a construction site where she was working with my in laws painting company. Married at 19 in 1989 and still married to her today. Will be 31 year on the 23rd. Still haven't been able to get her train yet. Maybe next year or the next. Keep trying until it takes