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Grabyo : If youve reached a point where its having a disproportionate effect on specific members of the community, then something is obviously going wrong.

Barrister, Abimbola Johnson, says the use of stop-and-search by police should be urgently reviewed.

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Grabyo : There has been so much wishful thinking.

Hong Kong activist, Nathan Law, says that without global pressure, China will always be authoritarian.

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TweetDeck : Those with blood on their hands... will not be free to waltz into this country to buy up property on the Kings Road.

Dominic Raab says perpetrators must be held to account as he outlined the UKs imposed sanctions against human rights abusers.

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TweetDeck : He wrote some of the most memorable film soundtracks in cinematic history.

Today Ennio Morricone died aged 91.

In 2015 he spoke to Channel 4 News about his career, Stanley Kubrick and why he gets "annoyed" when he's only remembered for westerns.…

Twitter Media Studio : “I shouldn’t be scared but I am,” says 11-year-old Jordyn.

As Black Lives Matter demonstrations continue across the US, children have joined in the protests. Channel 4 News spoke to some of them in Washington DC to find out why.

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Twitter Media Studio : If you get rid of Huawei - that sends out very bad message to other Chinese business and for other foreign business.”

Chinas ambassador to the UK says if Huawei was removed from 5G network it would damage Britain’s trade image.

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TweetDeck : “We can’t compete with companies selling leggings for £3. Ours cost £30. We pay our workers a proper wage. My message to consumers - think about who is making the clothes you wear and and at what cost.”
Shirley Yanez runs an ethical clothing company in Leicester. More on #c4news