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TweetDeck : It’s becoming increasingly clear that people don’t have that level of confidence in the government.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy says Boris Johnson needs to urgently answer questions about the inconsistencies in Dominic Cummings account…

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Echobox : The Knowledge | Has a player featured in all their teams wins in a season, and no losses?…

Echobox : Starmer has now opened up a can of hypocrisy worms that he will not be able to put back with any ease | writes Tom Harwood…

TweetDeck : Heres how to keep yourself and others safe when shopping 🛍️

Non-essential shops in England can open on 15 June

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SocialFlow : The Communities Secretary has ruled out reviewing any fines issued to families who made similar lockdown trips as Dominic Cummings.

Robert Jenrick told Mishal Husain it was a matter for the police...were not going to interfere.

#R4Today Podcast

Twitter Web App : Only 2% of school support staff - such as teaching assistants, cleaners and office staff - said they felt reassured by Boris Johnsons speech that it would be safe if pupil numbers increased from June 1.

Schools should only reopen more widely #WhenItsSafe…

TweetDeck : Compared to everybody else, he seems to have found this loophole which suits his purpose

Conservative MP Craig Whittaker MP tells #5LiveBreakfast why Dominic Cummings has to take responsibility and fall on his sword.

Read more📱

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iPhone : The majority of Brits (57%) say the media have been fair in their reporting of the Dominic Cummings coronavirus row. This includes 41% of Conservative voters…

Echobox : Lask Linz win will help Manchester United play with no fans, says Solskjær…

TweetDeck : Don’t forget, if you are watching 4Seven or 4Music on Freeview, you may need to rescan your telly before the end of today to keep watching. For help retuning please visit”

iPhone : Yes. Hands up! Too slow as fans flocked around taking pics of pecs as I went for my swim. Definite breach of social distancing. I apologise unreservedly for this lapse. If I still held a public position I would offer my resignation to the PM immediately.…

Twitter Web App : Public service broadcasting 👏🏿

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iPhone : Others have suggested better hashtags. Thanks.
I like #DontbeDom
Can we agree on that?
The point is to make his actions countert-normative, an example of what we dont do and shouldnt do.…

iPhone : Hancock has turned into one of the stock figures of English comedy — the hapless, desperate ingenue, who would have been played by Jonathan Cecil or Derek Nimmo…

TweetDeck : The prime minister’s judgment has now become the issue, as this saga is confusing the vital public health messages needed to defeat coronavirus.

Sign the petition if you think #cummnings must go 👇……

Buffer : A London police officer has told LBC he doesnt know what to say to people breaking lockdown rules when they bring up Dominic Cummings.

Tom Swarbrick…

SocialFlow : Free to read: Denmark was one of the first European countries to close down its public spaces to stem the spread of coronavirus, shutting its borders, schools and restaurants in mid-March. Its swift response seems to have paid off

iPhone : Linda and I haven’t seen Liam for over 10 weeks. We’re driving to Sunderland- my eyesight is fine - to drop off clothes he needs. He’ll be out with a carer so we won’t see him. As a loving parent my instinct is to wait until he returns and bring him home. But, of course, I won’t

iPhone : You must self-isolate if you develop:

▪️ a new, persistent cough OR
▪️ high temperature OR
▪️ loss/change in your normal sense of smell or taste

No one in your household should leave home if any one person has symptoms.

Book a test:

iPhone : My brother died from Covid. I wasnt able to go to his funeral. Weve all had to make sacrifices.

Former Chief Prosecutor for the North West Nazir Afzal says everyone is affected by lockdown, but abiding by the rules is a shared responsibility.

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iPhone : What a moving video. 77-year-old Don Gill discharged from hospital in Leeds after 34 days being treated for #Coronavirus. Sadly Mr Gill’s brother Keith, who he lived with, died from the virus on the same ward. At one stage he too was told he might die.

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Echofon : Retweeting Stefan Simanowitz. James #Baldwin was speaking in Cambridge in 1965. 55 years later his words never more relevant in the wake of the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd...and then that woman with the dog.…

iPhone : The Bishops of Manchester and Sheffield...
“The risks to life are real”
“I don’t know how we can trust what ministers say”

iPhone : For maybe 24 hours before I’m sick of it, this is undoubtedly the best song in the world...

Here’s a song for you… Classified by C.W. McCall…

Twitter Web App : PLEASE RETWEET Lord Sumptions astonishing intervention in the coronavirus debate can now be reliably listened to at 17 minutes into BBC R4s The World At One here…

Twitter Web App : Lots of excitement for todays #spacex launch from Cape Canaveral.

However, thunderstorms will develop across central Florida and move towards the launch site this afternoon.

Currently, theres a 60% chance of launch going ahead, but may change.


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iPhone : This time a year ago I was somewhere in this very dense crowd hugging strangers after Villa were promoted back to the Premier League.

Today, I’m filming a socially distanced funeral with the few people allowed to attend during pandemic.

Stark reminder of how life has changed.…

iPhone : At the start of lockdown a scientist in Manchester told us the North would be disproportionately affected by Covid19 because of pre-existing health inequalities & deprivation.

Now the noises coming from local authorities suggest that unequal impact will long outlast the pandemic…

iPhone : What a moving video. 77-year-old Don Gill discharged from hospital in Leeds after 34 days being treated for #Coronavirus. Sadly Mr Gill’s brother Keith, who he lived with, died from the virus on the same ward. At one stage he too was told he might die.

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iPhone : Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your support for #ForSama. I know we have been quiet on this account. Please come and follow our journey over on @actionforsama where you can find out what we’re up to now. Love, Waad x

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Android : Its the 15th Eid without my dad who completed 2519 days in #assad prisons in #Syria.
I recall first Eid after he got arrested. My mom, my 13 Y.O sister and I were in Turkey. It was very sad and lonely. No way to describe what it feels like to loose a beloved one in detention.

iPhone : Weirder and weirder...

⬡ Jens Wiechers put blog through Internet archive machine and reference to coronavirus, quote on coronavirus was not in the version of blog saved on Way Back MAchine on Apr 9 2020 ... but is there this month...…

iPhone : A few weeks back, a PM listener asked for ⁦Cerys Matthews⁩ to read from Under Milk Wood for our daily moment of escape. Many of you said, could Cerys read a little more Dylan Thomas? So she has. On ⁦BBCPM⁩ from Monday. Starting with Fern Hill ⁦BBC Radio 4⁩ ⁦

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iPhone : Cummings today: “Last year I wrote about the possible threat of coronaviruses and the urgent need for planning”.. appears to be reference to this blog... actually about biolab accidents and giving a “Red Team” £1m to test security including honey traps ..…

iPhone : “It doesn’t say you must stay at home in all circumstances.”

Dominic Cummings responds to Gary Gibbons Blog asking if the public should have been told if lockdown rules had more leeway than people realised.

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Twitter Web App : Chances to protect him missed. A failure to capitalise on a “reachable moment”. A “potentially pivotal event” wasted. Yet the SCR into the murder of Jaden Moodie finds no evidence it could have been prevented.

iPhone : Is it one rule for you, Mr Cummings, and another rule for everybody else?

That was what Minnie Stephenson🎙 asked Dominic Cummings after new reports claimed the Prime Ministers top aide broke lockdown rules for a second time.

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Twitter Web App : Twitter added a fact-check to President Trumps false tweets this morning about mail-in ballots. It links to this:…

iPhone : An absolutely brilliant Channel4News account of what we KNOW of the origins of the coronavirus outbreak in China. Don’t miss it!…

Twitter Web App : Pleased we are able to provide BSL for our COVID-19 press conferences through our No.10 livestreams.…

iPhone : The reason this video is so horrific isn’t just the racism; it’s that the white woman was so aware of systemic racism in US institutions that she viewed it as a weapon to use against someone. And for every video like this, there are thousands off camera.

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iPhone : Trump says he wasnt criticizing Biden for wearing a mask then immediately criticizes the masked reporter who asked the question.

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Twitter Web App : Dominic Raab has said that resuming the Premier League will “lift the spirits of the nation”. This is only the case for 19% of Brits, however. 73% say it would not boost their morale…

Instagram : This should be a fun afternoon! Watch ITV News for updates on the upcoming statement By #dominiccummimgs @ 10 Downing Street…

Twitter Web App : How we run and why we get injured! Must read.....…

iPhone : Separate Conservative MP texts:

“This is a distater. The PM has made it worse. Backbenchers are furious and my constituents are furious. Makes us all look like rule breakers.”

Twitter Web App : Clinical trials are critical to the COVID-19 recovery and development of treatments to transform patient lives.

Proud to support #CTD2020 and ACRP through #NHSDigiTrials #DataSavesLives NHS Digital…

Twitter for iPad : Don’t know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day? Here’s a personal story of mine on why it’s important. Today, I want to memorialize one soldier, in particular, who has meant a lot to me. Thing is: I never had the honor of meeting her. (THREAD)

iPhone : His name was George Floyd. Say his name. Pray for his family. 👊🏽 I Can‘t believe it happened again, even in broad daylight and while being recorded. #BlackLivesMatter  #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Twitter Web App : We’re absolutely disgusted that Boris Johnson has put protecting Dominic Cummings above the health of this country

Please RT if you are too

iPhone : Just listening to radio 4 and the latest attempt by a government minister to justify Cummings position. At last someone has asked why did not Downing Street send a car for him. The second most powerful man in the Government. So obvious. No real answer of course.

Android : made by my homies Joonhyuk Choi @Chicago #Blessed new day

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