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iPhone : Also my white liberal friends, too many of these killings by police are happening in supposedly liberal cities in the north and west. What the HELL are you going to do about it?!!!

iPhone : You expect criminals to commit crimes, but you don’t expect the state (police) to commit the crimes. It’s so much worse. They have the force of law and the law is ubiquitous. How does one escape or avoid that. I want to SCREAM!

iPhone : I’m tired of black people being killed in the streets. I’m tired in my damned bones. Don’t talk to me. Just let me sit in this. Words are insuffiecient. Language fails.

iPhone : BREAKING: All 4 police officers who murdered George Floyd were just fired.

They should’ve been fired yesterday. This happened under national pressure.

Now they must be charged and arrested immediately.

Call the DA @ 612-348-5550.
Thats Mike Freeman.

iPhone : "Despite the monthslong warning provided by China and Italy, our government failed to provide front-line health care workers with basic protections," writes Mike Gardner, a paramedic in New York City

iPhone : Research has shown that close exposure to different races can help reduce racism. I’m curious if our staying at home, away from the places we’d experience that diversity, dampens that anti-racism effect.

iPhone : Bombshell report: Facebook has known that it is fomenting extremism for years -- and refuses to stop…

iPhone : Jimmy Fallon is under fire for impersonating Chris Rock, in full blackface, in a #SNL sketch from 2000: