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Chris From Tacoma

Bio soccer fan. Wrestling Fan. Seahawks fan
And Larry Scott can eat a dick.

Location Tacoma Washington
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StockTwits Web : The markets are closed.

✧ S&P 500 △ 0.38%
✧ Nasdaq △ 0.66%
✧ Russell 2k △ 0.81%
✧ Dow Jones △ 0.36%

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Twitter Web App : This is like when all the other heels got mad at the New Age Outlaws for throwing Cactus Jack and Terry Funk off the Raw stage because they had gone too far…

Android : So heres the deal, I only book girls I want to fuck or I want to fight. Youre big, Id fight you... You know you have really big tits right?…

Twitter Web App : While the world and its pro athletes eagerly await a return to normal life, Russell Wilson spends 3 hours each day calling furloughed telemarketers at their homes to say Hi and ask them how theyre doing #BeLikeRussell #washyourhands

iPhone : Thursday 6/4 - 8pm EST


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Twitter Web App : Like this tweet if you’re a Seth or Becky fan & you’re already following me obviously.

I tend to follow some fan accounts even if I genuinely don’t.