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Twitter Web App : And to apply for other citizenships (see news regarding his application to obtain French citizenship).

Twitter Web App : So let me get this straight.. Stanley wants to reduce immigration and support indigenous population in the U.K. but at the same time it is ok for him to own and visit property in other countries (See villa in Greece)

Twitter Web App : Listen i sort of feel bad for this guy & his employees BUT

He did not care MANY other people in other industries would suffer.

He did not mind the Brexit xenophobic message or cared what happened to Europeans/migrants living in the U.K.

So yeah my empathy is SUPER LIMITED.…

Twitter Web App : Coronavirus variants explained: ask the experts: webinar at 12.30pm GMT on January 27…

Twitter Web App : “Deplatforming is a tricky free speech issue, but when it comes to online extremism, there may be other issues to prioritise”…

Twitter Web App : UK is doing worse in terms of Covid patients/deaths compared to many countries but last weekend people went to parks.. unmasked.. to enjoy the sunshine.. sure.. why not?……

Twitter Web App : I wonder how many of those in hospitals are people who followed the government’s rules and how many did not.. surely we cannot offer the same treatment to those who put everyone at risk and those who did not.. #COVID19

Twitter Web App : Shaun Lintern The Independent How nhs (Non Covid) services are affected nationwide and worldwide. International methods for tackling the virus. Countries that have managed the virus well and their methods. Normalising routine testing (Smear, prostate, cancer) and vaccinations with scientific evidence

Twitter Web App : I am of the opinion that if you are a medical provider and tell a woman that her physical symptoms are all in her head that you should lose your license to practice.