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Android : These #MLB schedules are giving me strong Little League vibes. Two months long, the same teams over and over. Throw in Xerox copy of whose turn it is to bring the Ecto Cooler and Ho-Hos and we’ll be all set.

Android : Even though we haven't had a chance to hear that amazing voice at Wrigley Field this year, that hasn't stopped John Vincent from sharing his gift with the people of Chicago!

Tomorrow night on ChiFans, John will join us for the 1st time! Make sure you tune in!…

Android : Got a question for David Schuster (David Schuster) about sports? Want to try and STUMP Les Grobstein with a Chicago sports question? (It rarely happens). Call 224-202-6234 (phones close at 1pm CST). A new Grobstein Schuster Zone podcast drops tomorrow!

Android : Day 116: Back to the work grind!

Make sure you tune into all the great shows on Bears Barroom this week & dont forget you still have time to donate to our Vs. Cancer giveaway! Winners announced THIS Wednesday Night on Bears 100 Proof!

Link to donate⬇️!…

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Android : You remember the RB who ran out of bounds at Mile High? The QB who threw the INT that caused Iron Mike to melt down? The OT loss to Seattle? Dan Aguire recalls these heartbreakers and seven more in this #Bears history special!

iPhone : Dallas Keuchel on Sox chances in 60-game season: "I think this team, if we can get off to a hot start, if the bats can swing it like we know they can now with how deep our lineup's gonna be, then I think we might wreak a little havoc in the AL Central."