😷I dont wear a mask for me. 🏴‍☠Chicago Mike 3.0 (@ChicagoMikeSD )

😷I dont wear a mask for me. 🏴‍☠Chicago Mike 3.0

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Android : Very interesting weather set-up headed for NorCal this weekend. Heatwave breaks today near coast & tomorrow inland as cut-off low pressure system approaches coast. Then, late Fri into Sat, widespread elevated convection develops from SF Bay Area northward. (1/4) #CAwx #CAfire pic.twitter.com/zLqLjrnR1K

Android : #Minneapolis - E5 reporting smoke showing from a pawn shop, flames visible inside @ 815 Cedar Ave (about 6 blocks N/W of main activity area), addl resources being assigned. #riots

Android : Facebook’s own research shows the platform is polarizing the country and driving people into extremists groups, but Zuckerberg is more worried about being called mean names by Trump. newsweek.com/zuckerberg-say…

Android : In closing: Since I cover wildfires, I'm sharing alot of structure fire related stuff tonight from MN. But it's important not to fetishize property damage+destruction of inanimate objects, lest we forget the systemic racism, police brutality, and the state murder of a black man.

Android : Damn, this is wild. Looks like a pyrocumulus from a nighttime wildfire. Going to call it a night. Be safe out there. twitter.com/grosiicki/stat…

Android : #Minneapolis - IC requesting if they have any available FD taskforces to respond to the construction site fire, reporting 2 more buildings are involved now to the north. #riots

Android : #Minneapolis - 806 E Lake St @ the Foot Locker: medium grey smoke from a 2 story commercial building. 20 blocks west of the main activity.

Exposure buildings about to become involved @ the construction site fire. #riots

Android : Screenshot from @Camiicrawford on Instagram Live just now. She appears to be reporting live from Lake St. in Minneapolis. Also shows looted and smoke damaged Target interior with sprinklers going off.

Android : Minneapolis mayor has requested national guard deployment. Reports of looting spreading to other parts of city. twitter.com/blackvisionsmn…