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Android : Money does not make the world go round. God does. Rather, it is God that makes money go round. And He makes it go round to those who work smart and hard, irrespective of what religion they practice. Religion affects your salvation, not your money!

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Android : I'm gonna surprise my wife and pay her a salary for homeschooling the kids. If it was left to me & my work schedule, they would be dropouts now. She thinks it's normal stuff since her kinda work permits but I don't take it for granted.

Android : RT, if You read any of these Books in Sec. Schl

Eze Goes To School
Passport of Mallam Ilia
Things Fall Apart
Sugar Girl
Chike And The River
Oliver Twist
The Drummer Boy
Romeo And Juliet
Sizwe Bansi Is Dead
Joys of Motherhood
Without A Silver Spoon
Our Husband Has Gone Mad...

Android : I have said it time again! If you have not blown to your heart’s desire, leave your frigging contacts (DM) open. You never know when opportunity will call. Yes, irritants will invade but there is always a price for success.Trying to reach this one but DM locked.

Android : Ladies and gentlemen, this are sausages or hotdogs.

I just want you to know that processed meat like sausages, hot dogs, corned beef, are classified as Group 1 carcinogens

What does this mean? There is STRONG evidence that they cause cancer.

Android : I was in court today to join forces with the Prosecution as a friend of the Court (Amicus Curiae) in the horrifying case against Mr. Jude Ozougwu and Mrs. Ifeoma Ozougwu the couple who tortured  "domestic help" by drilling nail into her head, using electric iron all over her

Android : You are in charge of your happiness. Don’t surrender to happenings. You are not mature if you happenings control your happiness. Discipline yourself to be like Christ, who was calm enough to sleep, while the boat he was traveling in was in a storm

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Someone in Abuja told of a chilling story about a plight of his niece. She has done her traditional marriage and was about to wed when Facebook crashed the marriage only two weeks to her wedding.👇🏽👇🏽

Android : Move on. Don’t stay in the same place that you where hurt. Yes, someone hurt you. But that hurt does not have to be your biography. You don’t have to relive it by telling everyone who cares to listen. Move from your history to your glory!

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Android : You say you are finished because you are broken? Are you not foolish?

Broken clouds give rain
Broken soil produces fruit
Broken safes yield money

God did not allow you to be broken to finish you. He allowed it so your value can be unleashed!

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Android : When you say “thank you” after paying for a product/service, you acknowledge you’re paying only for the product/service, not the person’s value. The person is not your slave. You can pay for a product/service but shred the person’s self-esteem through pride. That is not love.

Android : Once It Is Social, It Is No Longer Private

Sometimes ago, I saw some wild pictures and videos of a certain Ilorin Hangout that went viral on social media. In the name of hanging out, people were hanging their future in a manner of speaking.