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Twitter Web App : Ahmaud Arberys mother says the claim Travis McMichael used the N-word after shooting her son leaves her speechless.

He... ran for his life. When he couldnt run anymore, he had to fight. And then after he fought, he was killed. Its very hard to know that he endured that.

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Twitter Web App : George Floyds long time friend, Maurice Lester Hill, who was in the passenger seat of the SUV, says he heard Floyd say theyre going to kill me and scream and pleading for his life.

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Twitter Web App : Watch authorities in Atlanta push back protesters who are in violation of the city-wide curfew.

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Twitter Web App : .Nick Valencia takes you inside negotiations between authorities and protest leaders as the curfew begins in Atlanta and demonstrators refuse to leave.

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Twitter Web App : The people want change and they believe I am a change agent and that I symbolize hope, says Ferguson, MO, Mayor-elect Ella Jones, who will be the first black mayor and female mayor in the citys history nearly six years after protests solidified the Black Lives Matter movement

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Twitter Web App : Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she was surprised by the speed with which charges were brought against six Atlanta police officers who allegedly used excessive force at a protest

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iPhone : Protestors have the right to be yell, blame and make us confortable in what our society allows too often...but that doesnt mean violence and destruction...and those doing wrong things are the minority and not to be confused with those with a real message…

iPhone : If you know the law, you would know what is out of order. You can lie and deny your role in fomenting tension but too many know the truth. No one should want violence and lawlessness...but a leader should focus on what is happening to citizens not just their reaction to it…

iPhone : Instead of blaming victims and pretending black and other democrat-driven rioters’is the other words, instead of BULLSHIT...learn what drove people to show outrage in the streets. Deal with the illness, not the symptoms. FACTS:…

iPhone : How do you decide whether you and your loved ones can go hiking, beaching or swimming? A doctor offers guidance, beginning with some facts that we actually do know.

iPhone : Top Pentagon policy official quits, citing what he calls defense secretary's support for clearing protesters

iPhone : Scary. Maybe it’s their blank faces, or the barren church....I don’t know why this reminds me of the last scene in a movie about the Nuclear Apocalypse.

I guess the communication geniuses at White House thought this makes a great photo-op or something.

They were wrong.


iPhone : Houston police chief to Trump: If you don’t have anything constructive to say, keep your mouth shut