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TweetDeck : Reminder: Republicans are in court trying to take health care away from millions in the middle of a pandemic.

They have no plan to replace the ACA. And they never have.…

TweetDeck : .Chris Murphy and I are pushing for additional funding for students with disabilities amid COVID-19, and we need your help. If you're a student who experiences disabilities or a parent or an educator, share your story about how COVID-19 has affected you by using #MyIDEAmatters.

TweetDeck : I've been working with Sen. Maggie Hassan & colleagues from both parties to provide billions to help students with disabilities during this crisis.

But I need your voice. How has this pandemic impacted students with disabilities in your life?

Share your story using #MyIDEAmatters

iPhone : I stumbled upon Game 6 of the 1986 NBA Finals last night and I somehow watched the whole thing.

My conclusions:

1. Amidst all the MJ nostalgia, you need to watch Bird in his prime. 16/8/8 in the first half. Just electric each time he touched the ball.

2. I need sports back.

iPhone : This is why Chris Murphy and I introduced the Inspectors General Independence Act, and why I’ve been fighting to protect IGs for years. This abuse of power has to stop.…

iPhone : AQAP largely bases itself out of Yemen.

Important to note that U.S. participation in the civil war there has helped sow the chaos that has allowed AQAP space to operate.…

iPhone : No American President in history has been better for China than Donald Trump. As he exits the world stage in an illogical huff, China gladly fills this vacuum.…

iPhone : 100,000 are soon going to be dead. And this is what the Senate is doing.

Not passing paid sick leave.

Not extending small business relief.

Not providing emergency aid for states.

Nope. Subpoenaing Obama officials.…

Twitter Web App : This tweet is maybe what impressed me most. Ciro is putting his life on the line every day.

But what he notices here are the empty parking spaces and all the people who don't have jobs right now.

Just like so many of our frontline heroes, Ciro is thinking of others first.…

Twitter Web App : The virus can live on the surfaces that Ciro is cleaning for up to 5 days. He is at risk with every countertop and sink he cleans. And that's why he's right - he deserves hazard pay.…

Twitter Web App : The buildings we work in, and live in, and go to school in, don't clean themselves. People like Ciro do this work. It's dignified, hard work, and none of these workers should have to fight to get the masks and the gloves they need.…

Twitter Web App : What a cute kid!

Our health care workers are heroes. No doubt. But Ciro, and thousands of other workers in professions like food service, sanitation, transportation, etc, are also essential.

When they go to work, they are putting their entire family at risk.…

Twitter Web App : I want to show you what a typical day is like for one of the thousands of essential workers in Connecticut who are putting themselves at risk to get their jobs done.

Here’s what life looks like right now for Ciro Gutierrez, a janitor and local 32BJ SEIU union member.

iPhone : #Yemen: COVID19 cases increased by 325% over a week w/ an alarming fatality rate of 15.9%.
Aid agencies are scaling up the response on the basis that community transmission of COVID-19 is taking place across the country.
Read more in our #COVID19 snapshot:…

Twitter Web App : Was the State Department IG investigating wrongdoing surrounding the latest Saudi arms sale?

We need to know. Because it's time to get to the bottom of the bizarre coziness between Trump and Saudi Arabia.…

TweetDeck : Trump was warned about COVID-19 throughout January.

Congress asked for emergency funding in early February.

We urged him to prepare. He said it wasn't a problem.

The cost of his failure is catastrophic.…

TweetDeck : Take a few minutes today and read the stories of people in our state who lost their lives to COVID-19.

While we need to focus on the data behind this virus, we cannot forget the humanity of the people it touches.…

iPhone : “Trump’s China policy has been a gold-leaf wrapped gift to Beijing...And now, as Trump seeks to deflect attention...,[he’s] hoping no one will notice that he has been the best US president for Chinese interests in our nation’s history.” Read Chris Murphy…