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iPhone : Black organizers in Minneapolis had to confront white Protesters and tell them to chill the fuck out.

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iPhone : 1/ NPRs Code Switch created a (very non-comprehensive) list of names of black folks killed by the police since Eric Garner's death in 2014.

Here's some of what they learned about each person's final moments before the police ended their lives:

iPhone : There's a lot of consternation on here abt the uprising in Minneapolis & how the only means protestors can be effective is through non-violence.I hurt for the destruction like everyone else. But the fact of history is non-violent protest has not been successful for blk Americans.

iPhone : It’s the violence of the protesters!
Why can’t they just protest peacefully?

Maybe...kneel down, or something symbolic but non-violent?
Maybe then white people would listen?

iPhone : Lawrence ODonnell That’s not “clever”. We put Arsonists away. In Jail. Because they’re a danger to society. It’s not clever. And it’s not funny. It’s beneath the office. And you’re a joke for trying to frame it in any other kind of way. Trump isnt a provocateur. He’s a narcissist. 👎🏾DittoTHAT

iPhone : For 15 years, before anyone knew or cared, Andrew Fried followed us with a camera. The result is the documentary #WeAreFreestyleLoveSupreme, and I can’t believe you get to watch it next Friday on Hulu.
Trailer drops tomorrow.

iPhone : PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t allow this dummy (Donald J. Trump )to use your church community and your dedication to your faith as a political football - then you or someone you love, contracts this virus. #wedeservebetter #Goddontlikeuglyorstupid