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no amount of evidence will ever change the mind of an idiot
-Mark Twain

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Android : Lola Monaco I live in SOUTHCarolina
in a few cities here ,
we have a lot of schm
thats moved here. Im
nice to them,(no more than I have to be)
But Ill be damned to
HELL if I will sit by
and watch a lot of the
BS happen here I see
going on else where.
Im anger easy so
Dont push me!!!

Twitter Web App : Is it reasonable to assume that this guy who is running for President would also be anxious to run away from his record on racial questions. He swings left, he swivels right, and he panders like his life depended on it. Dont buy any Democrat claiming moral high ground, they lie.…

Twitter Web App : Imagine the wrenching grief of those whose parents and grandparents were literally disposed of in New York nursing homes without the possibility of a last embrace. The same governor who killed them now endorses mass protests without the slightest sense of shame or irony.

Twitter Web App : Remember the #WuhanCoronaVirus? The pandemic where a great percentage of the deaths resulted from #KillerCuomo’s nursing home slaughter? The one where we were quarantined by Democrats? It’ll be back, rest assured, as soon as the riots stop. Anything to destroy Trump.

Twitter Web App : The opening phrase “insure domestic tranquility” was our #founders commitment to preserve civil peace so that everyone could live their lives without fear of social strife.…

Twitter Web App : I will be on my porch tomorrow with an AR

Keep on moving.

Twitter Web App : Today Im taking my kids to the local police dept. Why? To tell them thank you, we appreciate them. My kids (teenagers) arent going to want to go, but not going isnt an option. The police need to hear thank you more often.

Logic sure is in short supply these days. As Einstein noted, “Great spirits often encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds” #America1st #KAG #WWG1WGA

Twitter Web App : Now the QAnon got him !!!

The Man who paid the Rioters is the field organizer of former Presidential Candidate & Senator Bernie Sanders


He shares the communist agenda, like Bernie Sanders.

He wants to burn Cities!!!

Twitter Web App : LeBron James, who chokes quite often and has lost more finals than he has won, immediately pounced on Drew Brees for supporting the flag, yet he remains silent on the persecution of the Hong Kong freedom fighters and the 1,000,000 Muslims in Chinese concentration death camps

Twitter Web App : Symptoms of a Fentanyl overdose are body stiffening, grey lips, foaming at the mouth and confusion before becoming non-responsive.

George Floyd had ALL of these symptoms.…

Android : I am white male. I dont have a racist bone in my body. I love all people and dont care what color your skin is. But I refuse to take a knee and appolgize for being born white. #AllLivesMatter