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iPhone : they are literally behind this precinct. this sign was up since yesterday & that morning they said no to the police attemping to use the lot around their store. they fed families in this community + protesters as well. they also had a medic tent up!! support them now + forever…

iPhone : Dystopia is not an image of property damage. Dystopia is a ten-minute video of four police officers slowly killing a man in front of witnesses and doing so without a trace of fear. If you only saw the dystopia when when property caught fire, you're part of the problem.…

iPhone : The reason was fake. The reasons for ousting the others are fake too. All of them. This is a ruthless purge by the administration of one of the last remaining bulwarks against its rampant corruption. The administration is abetted by Senators like Grassley and Johnson.

iPhone : Just so we're clear, the president and his advisers are falsely denouncing nonexistent social media censorship to justify a legally baseless executive order at a time when everyone else is talking about the fact that the coronavirus has killed more than 100,000 Americans.