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TweetDeck : #sschat A4 Gimkit has been a go to (3X), and I can run it when I teach from a local monument - but .. that's more content formative. I'd love a 30 minute content or skill game to get them thinking! Help!

Twitter Web App : A2 #sschat iCivics games serve as a great preview - Ss can play (say, Executive Command), and take notes along the way about what they want to know. Then, open class with a quick formative on Exec Branch, then Ss questions can lead the class - follow up with real world examples

Twitter Web App : quick note #sschat - games and gamification are not one and the same - I have this buddy, Michael Matera, he can tell you more - he wrote the book on it! #XPLAP (plus, he lovvvvvvvves games)

Twitter Web App : Taylor Hamblin Agreed - games are a great vehicle to get Ss engaged, but there has to be learning involved as well - content, skill, process, habit, you name it. Engagement doesn't equal learning and growing - but it sure does help! #sschat

Twitter Web App : #sschat A1 critical and creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, trial and error - tough to do on a worksheet (unless, of course, the worksheet is part of a game)

TweetDeck : #sschat Chuck Taft, Milrockee WI 8th US history - bright spot in class, trying new ways to energize and motivate SS - bright spot at home, 2 college girls back for a while!

Twitter Web App : ONE HOUR 🚨until #sschat. RT and tag your colleagues!

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