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Bio 50, Mother, retired firefighter, works as Equipment Manager for the fire service.
Loving and living life. Views my own and not my workplace.

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Android : 2/2 I collected mums belongings from the hospital and amongst it all I discovered a brown box. On opening it up at home this note was on the top. Im not asking for responses other than to say our Nurses really are Angels in uniform and I shall clap a little louder tonight.

Android : Marinaded chicken wings and roast veg. Quick, tasty meals with forethought are my forte. #keyworker #mumneedswine #wineoclock #needabreak

Android : I became sick with #COVID19 in March. My wife was also sick. We have 3 kids & stayed home to look after them. Because that was the rule.

Back at work I dressed in full PPE to look after the sick and dying.

I didnt do all of that so #DominicCummings could flout the rules.

Android : Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim communities across Northamptonshire. Wishing you happiness, peace and joy on this auspicious occasion.


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Android : Tempted by the sunny weather to take a swim in a river or other stretch of open water? Please think twice. This water is likely to be colder than you think and sudden immersion can prompt a gasp reflex, causing you to inhale water on contact. Exercise safely. #NorthantsTogether

Android : The dining room is now a full time craft room. I am saving to build a studio in the garden and work part time to do what makes me happy. Creating and craft, sharing with friends and family, cooking and a tipple. We are rich beyond our wildest dreams.