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iPhone : This protest is mostly about cops and their brutality. However, as someone who lived there, there’s a underside to “Minnesota Nice” (which in truth was a phrase coined/equally deployed to describe regional passive agressiveness) that is about maintaining white patriarchy.

iPhone : WSJ editorial page:

This “isn’t political hardball. It’s a smear.... Mr. Trump is debasing his office, and he’s hurting the country.”…

Twitter Web App : "What a little man. Just a little man. He's the leader of the free world and he's just a little, little man... He doesn't have the guts to say that because he's just a little man, despite his girth and size."…

Twitter Web App : Should I take insulin

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iPhone : New video from a restaurant security camera obtained by CBS News raises questions as to whether #GeorgeFloyd was ever resisting arrest in the first place.

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iPhone : Glenn Fine (whom Trump had prevented from overseeing COVID oversight by demoting) now leaving DOD IG officially, which is a big loss.

But now he can go testify before Congress, I guess.…

iPhone : Candace Owens on Native Americans: They were literal cannibals, its been proven...that stuff stopped when white men began believing in a monotheistic worldview and started assigning morality

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Twitter Web App : Same panel gives only an 18% chance that the unemployment rate will fall below double-digits this year, and a 36% chance that it won’t fall below this threshold until after the second quarter of 2021 — over a year from now.

Twitter Web App : "Department records and news accounts show that he has been involved in at least three police-involved shootings over his career with the MPD"…

Twitter Web App : So Twitter thinks the risk of fraud in mail-in ballots is exaggerated but is just going to let that stuff about Joe Scarborough go?

Twitter Web App : The right-wing has managed to turn face masks into a symbol of the infinite culture war amidst a literal pandemic.

I get that Democrats have obvious shortcomings, but the GOP is essentially an existential threat to human life everywhere.

Twitter Web App : You know what gets me about this story? That we’re all unwittingly benefiting from civil servants steadily dropping 14.7 million sterilized screwworms over rainforests each week—doing work we’ll only notice if things go wrong.…