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Twitter for iPad : The waze mobility dataset got me thinking about different ways of plotting distributions.
So here's a short #dataviz thread with different examples of plotting this data, demonstrating the pros and cons for each plot type 🧵
#Rstats #ggplot2…

Twitter Web App : The FBI continues to seek individuals involved in the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. If you have seen the person in these photos, visit to share information. Reference photo 251 when you leave a tip.

Twitter for iPad : Write a thousand unit tests where each individual one looks trivial and suddenly you have a really useful testing suite. I can’t count the number of times that a trivial-looking test has caught a subtle bug I was about to add to the code.

Twitter for iPad : I’ve always thought the really useful unit tests look so trivial that most people are embarrassed to write them (e.g., test that 2+2 = 4), and this thread totally validates this prejudice.…

Twitter Web App : Daniel Pass jack Having said that, the original tweeter needs to consent to the sale, so it's not clear they would do that unless they're totally on board with the contents.

Twitter Web App : Daniel Pass jack The tweet content and metadata are recorded on the blockchain, I believe. So if the tweet is deleted the link goes dead but there's a permanent record of what the tweet said and who said it.

Twitter Web App : Dharma Dan Frants Jensen The price changes constantly on Amazon, depending on how many people are buying the book. The more people buy, the lower the price (counterintuitively). The lowest I've seen is ~$35, which is basically at cost for Amazon. (Amazon get's the book for 50% of list price).

Twitter Web App : 4. An of course the tweet that started it all…

Twitter Web App : 3. Announcing dataviz class (my most liked and retweeted tweet ever)…

Twitter Web App : Here is my collection of tweets you should absolutely consider buying. 😄
1. Book project announcement…