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Twitter Web App : Very key and subtle - #China is set to receive U.S. #ethanol in cargo tomorrow. The ethanol market has been destroyed as a result of falling #gasoline demand - could be the first signs of a reversal for these stocks $ANDE $CZZ $PEIX $GPP $GPRE

Twitter Web App : For those telling us that there's a lot of important news flow that we're missing, we promise you we're not missing it - we don't deem it relevant to report it to you unless it materially affects the fundamental standing of markets $SPY $QQQ $DJIA

Twitter Web App : Mixed morning, crude up again (at some point steam will need to be let off, but we'll view that near down day as a healthy pullback and an opportunity to add), focus on longer-term impacts of #COVID19 $SPY $DJIA $QQQ

Twitter Web App : #FOMC minutes out and honestly, not much to add here - just that rates are staying at the ZLB and not heading negative - don't think retail/media understand that negative rates is not an option for the US + levers to pull before such time $SPY $DJIA $QQQ

Twitter Web App : Crude up again this morning, another ~2% on the back of a inventory draw in a historical build season $USO $UCO $DTO $USL $XOP $XLE at $32/barrel - we continue to like crude buying here - E&P equities will catch up

Twitter Web App : $HLF issuing $600 million in debt to buyback shares...we all know @herbalife is a PoS MLM that we wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, but THIS - issuing debt to buy back stock - is an absolutely bonehead move

Twitter Web App : The disconnect between #naturalgas $UNG and the underlying commodity's fundamentals are shocking - nat gas futures haven't recovered from pre-COVID19 lows, yet natural gas output is set to fall to a 2-year low in the coming months, just as electricity demand enters peak season

Twitter Web App : Tilman Fertitta on #CNBC right now potentially talking about taking Landry's public once again - currently just a leveraged credit whose bonds are relatively illiquid

Twitter Web App : $KSS withheld same store sales as a metric in its earnings report this basically have to fire the CFO at that point, that's detrimental

Twitter Web App : Another guy on #CNBC saying that the FAANG stocks have seen (and we quote) "their last dance" guy, you say you prefer EM stocks right now - our question is what are you smoking and do you have more? $DJIA $SPY $QQQ

Twitter Web App : We reiterate that $LUV is an exceptional buy in a space that is crowded with debt, uncertainty, and significant investor pessimism - up 5% today and outperforming the pack $JETS

Twitter Web App : Current Congressman hasn't heard of the catch-all Rule 13-3 that the Federal Reserve can use and previously used loudly during the GFC...c'mon rookie, they elected you to this committee?

Twitter Web App : Not sure who's speaking rn (Congressman), but his comments about the GFC and protecting people from foreclosure are ABSURD; you take on RISK by being a homeowner, you assume a LIABILITY...if there are unlimited backstops, the desire for individuals to return to work PLUMMETS