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Bio #ClimateSignals is a digital platform that maps the impacts of climate change. A project of Climate Nexus, currently in beta:
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HubSpot : Broadcast never fails to cover extreme weather events, but too often they cover storms as isolated events rather than evidence of the climate crisis, including how impacts are unfairly distributed among poor communities & communities of color. via Media Matters

HubSpot : This year is on track to be one of the hottest on record, and public health officials worry that in cities across the US, summer heatwaves will collide with the coronavirus pandemic, with deadly consequences for poor, minority and older populations.

HubSpot : Though the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season is today, May saw two named storms. Forecasters expect 2020 to be an active season, and there are strong ties between #climatechange & observed increases in Atlantic hurricane activity. More here:

HubSpot : As extreme weather event become more frequent and intense due to #climatechange, disaster response efforts will have to adapt. This is especially true this year with the additional complications from the coronavirus pandemic.

HubSpot : New research found that Antarctic ice sheets are capable of melting much faster than previously thought. #ClimateChange is already causing rapid glacier and ice sheet melt in Antarctica, so this indicates things could get even worse. via CNN

HubSpot : #ClimateChange impacts are not felt evenly.

"No, rainstorms don’t care about skin color, but worsening weather worldwide aggravates the divisions in society that already exist because it hits people of color living in poverty the hardest" - Eric Holthaus

HubSpot : Last week, a historic heat wave engulfed the Northeast, breaking several temperature records. These kind of heat events are becoming more common and intense due to #climatechange. via Capital Weather Gang

HubSpot : Yesterday, experts brief President Trump on the upcoming hurricane season, but #climatechange wasn't mentioned. Story from E&E News:

Get the latest on how climate change is making hurricanes more intense and dangerous:

HubSpot : 2020 is likely to be another of the hottest years on record, with global temperatures forecast to be more than 1.1°C above the pre-industrial average as #climatechange strengthens. Here's some tips on staying safe in extreme heat. via Thomson Reuters Foundation News

HubSpot : Forests across the world are transforming temps rise and more frequent and severe droughts, wildfires and disease outbreaks destroy trees. A new report finds that #climatechange is accelerating the death of trees and making forests younger & shorter.

HubSpot : Several months in a row of below-average precipitation have brought drought to the Pacific Northwest this spring, with only the northwestern corner of Washington free of any kind of drought or abnormal dryness. via NOAA

HubSpot : Carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are higher than anything seen in million-year-old ice cores

“We are seeing an unprecedented climate. The human fingerprint is everywhere.”

HubSpot : Excessive heat warnings blanket much of California and Arizona. Heat events in Cali and much of the southwestern US are becoming increasingly common and severe, both in magnitude and duration, thanks to human-induced #climatechange. via Capital Weather Gang

HubSpot : Ocean creatures are finding themselves in hot water as the world warms. To stay cool, they’re relocating to deeper parts of the ocean, and it’s throwing ecosystems all out of whack. via grist

HubSpot : A swarm of locusts is descending on India at an already tough time. #ClimateChange is making extreme rainfall more common, which creates the perfect breeding conditions for desert locusts, like with the recent outbreak in East Africa. via The New York Times

HubSpot : “The snow season will start later and end earlier. Generally, what we consider an abnormally mild winter now, in terms of the number and intensity of snowstorms, will be the harshest of winters late this century." via @usatoday

HubSpot : The tropical disturbance that brought severe flooding to Miami over the weekend has now formed into Tropical Storm Bertha. Flash flood warnings are in effect for portions of the Carolinas and Virginia today as the storm is expected to bring heavy rains.

HubSpot : Fires like Australia saw earlier this year will occur with greater frequency as the climate continues to heat. Story from The Guardian:

Our backgrounder on #climatechange & the Australia fires: