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Bio Writer, @TheAtlantic. Author of Counting Descent and How the Word Is Passed (2021).
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iPhone : Thinking about Ginburg’s family. It’s so hard to lose a loved one. I can’t imagine losing a loved one in a context like this, with implications like these. Mourning is never easy, but mourning a loved one while millions mourn this new sense of uncertainty is just so much to hold.

Twitter Web App : Shout out to the teachers who have their students read the declarations of Confederate secession, the narratives of enslaved ppl, & the letters written by our founding fathers. Teaching a history of slavery isn't indoctrination, the primary sources tell the story for themselves.

iPhone : The #1619Project is full of beautiful essays and poems that inspire deep and critical thinking about a hard topic. My students created art from a Clint Smith poem included in the project. The project isn’t anti-American. If anything, it’s excessively American.

iPhone : “‘I Heard It Through the Grapevine’...tells a story not of the dead but of those who lived to see many of the gains of the movement undone by an increasingly punitive criminal-justice system and the rise of Reaganism.”…

iPhone : Trump trashed Howard Zinn good a time as any to learn more about his important legacy. Here is the forward I wrote to his autobiography a few years ago.…

iPhone : The reason they want people not to study slavery is so kids think the Electoral College was created simply so that things would be “fair,” or that the wealth gap exists because some people just don’t work as hard, or our prison system looks the way it does simply by coincidence.

iPhone : So much of the legitimacy of America’s social, economic, and political infrastructure is predicated on ahistorical myth. Studying slavery shows us that. They know that once ppl understand slavery’s entanglement in every facet of US history, the legitimacy of its systems unravels.

iPhone : When I see this headline, I think of historian David Blight’s research:

“The nearly 4 million slaves were worth some $3.5B, making them the largest single financial asset in the entire US economy, worth more than all manufacturing and railroads combined.”…

iPhone : We condemn the artwashing that has poisoned the wells of our cultural centers.

BREAKING: Last week, we wrote LACMA urging the board remove prison profiteer Tom Gores. Today, 100+ prominent artists, collectors, curators, journalists echoed our demand.

iPhone : Pre-order President Obama's book from an independent bookstore. Books like this make their whole year. The publisher will be under pressure to prioritize Amazon if they run into any stock shortage - help indies fight that.

iPhone : My 90-year-old grandfather and my 3-year-old son just had a FaceTime conversation in which they discussed their favorite dinosaurs and their favorite type of french fry. They agreed that waffle fries are best and that the Pachycephhlosaurus doesn’t get the love that it deserves.

iPhone : Four hundred years ago today the Mayflower left England for America, carrying the “Pilgrims” who founded Plymouth Plantation. A century ago this anniversary was a huge deal; now it’s…complicated (thread)