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iPhone : Lil Wayne has based his politics on a white officer who saved his life. That white officer was fired in 2012 for tasing a Black man and using racial slurs.

I wrote about Wayne, Trump and race.…

iPhone : NEW: The US has been expelling Central American kids into Mexico, according to an internal email that raises alarms. Not only has the administration shuffled young children between US government agencies, but also, sent them into countries not their own.…

iPhone : A black woman inadvertently drove into a protest scene. Philly cops pulled her from her car and beat her in front of her toddler. America’s largest police union then posted a photo of the boy and claimed his mother had abandoned him on the street.…

Twitter Web App : Hopes for the American Experiment | by Annette Gordon-Reed | The New York Review of Books…

Twitter Web App : You cannot in one breath say that the system of mass incarceration is systemically broken and unjust, and then in the next breath use the existence of that same system to justify keeping the millions of people inside of it disenfranchised. You don't get to have it both ways.

Twitter Web App : People who are incarcerated should still be able to vote. A big reason people think otherwise is bc of decades, really centuries, of fear-mongering that connects carcerality to blackness & blackness to undeservedness.

Their disenfranchisement should not be accepted as a given.

Twitter Web App : The closer we get to election day, the more upset I get that millions of incarcerated ppl can't participate. It's absurd that so many *formerly* incarcerated ppl can't vote, but there's also nothing about being *currently* incarcerated that means your vote should be taken away.

Twitter Web App : Let’s never normalize how bizarre it is that we are all having to expend an inordinate amount of time making sure that our votes get counted cuz there is a whole side in this country that knows they can’t win when lots of people vote. It ain’t normal or right.

iPhone : Let's cross our fingers, cross our toes, knock wood three-times in our lucky socks as we hang amulets around the house—as we make a voting plan!—and then, remind ourselves the 5 reasons why 2020 is really, truly different than 2016…

iPhone : I'm sick of tweeting about voting. I'm more sick of writing this than you are of reading it. Trust me. BUT:

If you haven't sent your ballot by mail already, DON'T MAIL IT. It won't arrive in time. Your vote won't count. Put it in a dropbox or vote in person.


iPhone : The takeaway from WI, PA & NC voting rights decisions:

-Drop your ballot off instead of mailing it back

-Vote early if you can or on Election Day as last resort

-Don't give Trump the chance to challenge late-arriving ballots or weaponize vote counts