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Android : Shaun Bailey Shaun

You are doing yourself no favours here

Law and Order is Paramount otherwise chaos will reign

You need a mentor I am afraid (don't be insulted) you won't beat Khan like this.

Your past has put blinkers on you

Android : Isn't it great we have a nice Comedian on the BBC this evening as in Michael McIntyre to try to lift our spirits

Not lefties like Frankie Boyle, Nish Kumar, Jo Brand or Russell Howard

Android : Piers Morgan I didn't furiously defend Cummings - didn't need a defence

However the Anarchists today who look to be quite young have clearly had a poor upbringing on the whole, so the parents where known have done a bad job

That leads us to your skills:


Android : Why have the Police even gone to the London demonstration at all, when they're just standing around being targeted for abuse and watching War Memorials being damaged.

Android : I Cant Breathe...Dawn Butler MP Metro Butler you are an ignoramus

You are undeserving of your position which can only be via an unfair selection criteria as your reasoning is unsound and illogical

Anarchy is taking over and you are a disgrace to what was once a decent Labour Party a long time ago