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iPhone : It's wild that Louisiana Tech moved L'Jarius Sneed to safety his final season there and the Chiefs fixed that mistake and now he's one of the best young defensive players in his draft class.

iPhone : Bruh if I had brought my old APUSH textbooks to Dallas I would show y’all 1000 pictures of WHITE history in black and white. Clear reach when most photos printed in black and white up until the 70s.…

iPhone : I think it was not capitalizing off a late INT or stopping Chad Henne on 3rd and 14 or 4th and 1, but like...idk maybe not…

iPhone : #225: Edwin Pratt (Part 2)

On a late, snowy Jan. night, after snowballs were thrown at his window, he peaked out the front door to check the commotion. After answering, “Who’s there?” a shotgun rang, tearing through his mouth to the spine. At 38, he was dead, 9 months after MLK.

iPhone : #224: Edwin Pratt (Part 1)

Historians call Edwin Pratt the MLK of the north. He pushed for desegregation, an end to police brutality and the reconstruction of black neighborhoods. He was a founding member of the Central Area Civil Rights Committee and Seattle Urban League.

iPhone : #223: York

York was the slave that aided Lewis and Clark on their expedition. Encountered during their journey were a group of Natives that had never seen a negro. Overwhelmed in awe, they tried to “rub the black” off of him, to see if he was a real man.