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Sprout Social : Want to receive support and tips? With Cochlear Family you can have access to practical tips and advice throughout your hearing journey.

To find out more about Cochlear Family visit
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Sprout Social : Receiving #cochlear implants has helped Jack enjoy his favourite outdoor activities again. He says that out in the wilderness its amazing how many different sounds there are... some of the sounds that I recognised I had not heard in so many years.


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Sprout Social : Support during COVID-19.
Getting the support you need is vital, which is why we are offering 1-to-1 online clinical support. Learn more at
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Sprout Social : Providing fast access to sound with remote switch-ons.
One of our new recipients in Italy has just completed the first ever remote switch-on! They and their medical team were delighted with the results. Learn more at

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Sprout Social : Did you know 466 million people have disabling #hearingloss?

When did you last have your #hearing checked? Regular hearing tests could change your life.

Click to discover the early signs of hearing loss.

Sprout Social : Carf Darko Thanks so much for getting in touch. At the moment Bring Back the Beat is only available for Cochlear users. Sorry there isn't more that we can do to help.

Sprout Social : Carly can now hear where a sound is coming from, not just hear the sound, using her GN ReSound hearing aid on one ear and #Cochlear implant on the other.

Find out more about bimodal hearing at

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Sprout Social : #DYK there are three main types of #hearingloss: sensorineural, conductive and mixed hearing loss.

Find out more here

Sprout Social : Hearing loss shouldnt hold you back from the people you love and the life you want to live. Learn more about your options when hearing aids are no longer enough #HearNowAndAlways #CochlearImplant

Sprout Social : Whats your favourite #sound?

1. Waves 🌊
2. Birdsong 🐦
3. Trees rustling 🌳

Please tell us by posting a comment 🙂.

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