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Please bring water, face masks, gloves, and protective clothing.

If you cannot attend please spread the word.

Please remember to be safe guys!!! We all we got.

#sandiego #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd

Twitter Web App : Northwestern Grad Workers is sicking out for the last three days of the term

escalation town hall: 99% yes
union-wide referendum: 98%

numbers show widespread desire for direct action for crucial funding + support and for action against the racial capitalist university #spreadthestrike

Twitter Web App : ‼️UCSD STUDENTS‼️The black community should not have to worry about grades with finals around the corner, therefore, please email eoc@ucsd.edu asking for a different finals/grading system so grades do not have to be their first concern. I have attached 1/4

Twitter Web App : Love seeing union leadership defend a “statement” and ridicule a living wage as non material to justice and antiblackness. Where would COLA come from my dudes? Perhaps from the millions they gave to the police to spy on wildcats? Also surprised to see that I’m white! twitter.com/duanewright286…

Twitter Web App : Did UC Student-Workers Union UAW 2865 fight to get #COPSOFFCAMPUS? Did you do anything when @UCSC brought in riot cops? Or when cops attacked and arrested a black alumna at UCI? Did you intervene in racist student conduct proceedings? Or when folks got fired? Oh, you wrote a statement, I see. twitter.com/rafaeldjaime/s…

Twitter Web App : Funny, coming from our historically anti-Black union, which threw out contract language re: police disarmament

We only talk the talk, when will we walk the walk? twitter.com/uaw2865/status…

Twitter Web App : Yet when Black 2865 members wanted it to make cops off campus a subject of contract negotiations it dismissed the demand as "non material" and "ideological". twitter.com/uaw2865/status…

Twitter Web App : Honestly, it feels like graduate schools and academia only care about diversity when it comes to improving their image, but not because it matters to promoting inclusion... twitter.com/nicole_zamzam/…

Twitter Web App : UC San Diego if you’re going to take away money from me to go to school then you have to compensate by lowering the price of classes, books, etc. You are a prestigious university with a lot of money, stop being greedy and HELP STUDENTS

Twitter Web App : Reminder-at a feb. COLA action UC Irvine police brutalized & arrested a Black alumna who was unaffiliated w/ the event & merely had come 2 campus 2 get a copy of their transcript. UCI IS STILL PURSUING CRIMINAL CHARGES & has done nothing 2 hold the cop accountable #abolishucipd

Twitter Web App : UC Irvine continues 2 bring in police presence at student events. JUST THIS MORNING at a vehicle rally UCIPD followed protesters thru the city & were stationed at all our stops. We only discussed the stops one time, which was last night & we never publicly shared this information

Twitter Web App : "Our University struggles with and works within the same context of white supremacist systems, structures, and conditions that make life more dangerous and precarious for people of color."

remove "struggles with" n just as "IS", u just used military tech to surveil our comrades. twitter.com/cameronsoc/sta…

Twitter Web App : Happy to learn that UC San Diego) 's Twitter Profile">UC San Diego condemns the disproportionate use of excessive force. UC San Diego) 's Twitter Profile">UC San Diego , please condemn UC Santa Cruz) 's Twitter Profile">UC Santa Cruz for employing police violence against ON STRIKE!!!: #COLA 4 UCSC grad students striking for #cola4all and call for UC Santa Cruz) 's Twitter Profile">UC Santa Cruz to reinstate fired grads. twitter.com/ucsandiego/sta…

Twitter Web App : Admin at university system that’s spent 100000s of dollars during this short campus-based year alone to police, harass, stalk, & threaten students of color & undocumented folx tries to use another police murder of a Black man + an MLK quote to generate social capital for himself. twitter.com/uclachancellor…

Twitter Web App : U of M President takes step in right direction: severing some ties with MPD. Compare this to the UC, which calls on natl guard+highway patrolmen to beat up grads and break strikes.