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Twitter Web App : Dave Haslam Just finished Sylvia-in-Paris. Another lovely essay & once again demonstrates yr appreciation & respect for women. Not sure I agree entirely with yr Hughes perspective. The Birthday Letters thesis is Sylvia's 'tragedy' pre-dates him. His 'judgement' isn't cold, but exculpation.

Twitter Web App : ©japanese forms Just remembered a really nice Clash one I had in black with a pink stripe across the centre I think, from Complete Control-era I think. Damn! Yeah, absolutely loved Wire. Saw them twice in '78, in Harrogate, my home town, and in Plymouth at the great punk club there, the Metro.

Twitter Web App : Michele Smart The Common Breath Have you tried Sentimental Education? I've just re-read it. I've always thought it the greater of the two, though everything he wrote was brilliant - my favourite French author, in spite of close competition from Zola, Balzac and Mauriac!

Twitter Web App : The Common Breath Love both of those pictured. I'd add Mishima, but you know that. A more left-field one perhaps is Youth by JM Coetzee or Flaubert's Parrot by Julian Barnes. And definitely Peter Ackroyd's Hawksmoor.

Twitter Web App : ©japanese forms I know - funnily enough none of these bands were great favourites - obviously why the badges weren't in THE box! I only liked Ready Steady Go by Gen X and adored Hanging Around by The Stranglers - one of my very favourite songs from the whole of the era & disliked them otherwise