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Twitter Web App : YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO REGISTER TO VOTE!!!!! these are dates of deadlines for different states so please please please register if you’ll be old enough to vote in november i can not urge enough how important this is

iPhone : Hm... a lot of you seem to mistake "simplicity" with "good graphics". Among Us and Fall Guys have GREAT graphics. you are undermining the work of graphic designers who put their heart into it. what they are is simple. this shows that /realism/ isn't the pinnacle of game design

Twitter Web App : I drew some backgrounds for this meme and of course it's covered up 90% by something else.

Twitter Web App : bro the misty mountains are shaking

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Twitter Web App : one of my favorite things in Among Us is to stumble across an impostor finishing up a murder, getting the dead players hopes up that theyre going to be reported and avenged, and then watching in real-time their hopes evaporate as they realize you are in fact the other impostor

Twitter Web App : Today’s the only day you can rt this

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Twitter Web App : Sorry for no Subathon Saturday game or movie tonight. >> It's been a rough few days and I needed to hang out with some really good friends of mine.

Twitter Web App : Doopie ♊🌼 Doopie, you keep rocking the way you do. Sometimes people overreact, but you clarified that Kitten was the NSFW account not this one. If they don't know by now, that's on them. I saw Kitten last night and thought they were cute, so f the haters.

iPhone : One of my childhood friends bought her grandmothers (my neighbors) house and had a wedding today. I’m really happy for her. :)