Commander Littoral Strike Group (COMLSG) (@ComdLittoralSG )

Commander Littoral Strike Group (COMLSG)

Bio Commands the UK’s amphibious forces as one of the Very High Readiness operational battlestaffs in the @RoyalNavy. Currently in command of LRG(X) within the Med.
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Twitter Web App : What was Exercise #Gibraltar Strike?⚡️

As part of #LRGX, Royal Marines from 42 and 847 Naval Air Squadron practised the skills that will be taken forward into a #FutureCommandoForce

Watch more below:

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Twitter Web App : Last week, @HMS_Albion tested her Air Defence capabilities against the Marine nationale #Aéronavale ✈️🛑

Lt Lennon, a Royal Navy Aviation Officer within Commander Littoral Strike Group (COMLSG) explains the importance of training with our international allies 🇬🇧🇫🇷

#LRGX HMS Dragon RFA Lyme Bay 3CommandoBrigade

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Twitter Web App : Sailors in the Royal Navy need to be prepared for anything that might come their way on the High Seas! #training #firefighting #LRGX

iPhone : Anyone hungry? Cooking a Sunday roast for 400+ people is no easy feat, but it’s a great way to remind us of home while deployed on #LRGX

HMS Albion HMS Dragon RFA Lyme Bay Royal Navy MOD Gibraltar 42 Commando 847 Naval Air Squadron 815 Naval Air Squadron

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iPhone : Per Mare Per Terram Per Aere

#RoyalMarines from 42 Commando conduct heli-abseiling from 847 Naval Air Squadron #CommandoWildcatAH1 into Gibraltar airport as part of #LRGX

Colonel Del Stafford RFA Lyme Bay Commander Littoral Strike Group (COMLSG) HMS Dragon HMS Albion

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iPhone : 847 Naval Air Squadron have embarked our #CommandoWildcat on RFA Lyme Bay for #LRGX

This unique deployment is a platform to test and develop our tactics, techniques and procedures whilst supporting Royal Marines #FutureCommandoForce alongside 42 Commando

Colonel Del Stafford Commander Littoral Strike Group (COMLSG)

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iPhone : 'As the aircraft were detected, Albion’s Combined Operations Room burst into a flurry of controlled activity.'

Read how Britain's flagship defended herself from a simulated attack while heading to the Mediterranean: 👇

iPhone : With 1,000 Sailors and Royal Marines on board, HMS Albion has set sail for the Mediterranean to forge the commando force of tomorrow.

Read about her mission here: 👇