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iPhone : The DOJ has lost its way. But, career people: please stay because America needs you. The country is hungry for honest, competent leadership.

iPhone : First Mueller Report, then the IG, and now Senate Republicans. There really was a Russian attack in 2016 and those who investigated it were professionals. Facts remain stubborn things. nytimes.com/2020/04/21/us/…

iPhone : “Our national identity is being remade in real time. What had once seemed a bitter and divided society now seems more like a nation of people finding creative ways to show up for one another.” — David Brooks

iPhone : Unsure how to use twitter now. Don’t know enough to tweet about #Covid19. Don’t want to tweet about Trump. Instead I will try to spread things useful, comforting, or distracting (rather than contagious) during a really hard time. Today I’ll start with my social distance selfie.

iPhone : You didnt start the fire
No you didnt light it
But please try to fight it

#SocialDistancing #COVIDー19

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iPhone : Even without competent presidential leadership, we all have the chance to be public servants.

“These dark days will be worth all they cost us if they teach us that our true destiny is not to be ministered unto, but to minister to ourselves and to our fellow [humans]” — FDR 1933

iPhone : It is wrong for elected officials to attack federal judges. It doesn’t matter who you are or who the judges are. If you do it you should apologize. We need leaders who are a contrast to Trump, not a mirror.

iPhone : Voted in first Dem primary to support party dedicated to restoring values in WH. I agree with Amy Klobuchar: We need candidate who cares about all Americans and will restore decency, dignity to the office. There is a reason Trump fears @joebiden and roots for Bernie. #Biden2020