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Android : No one has to ignore or even downplay the horrors of history while acknowledging that they are, in fact, horrors of history. We can look back, see what was wrong, and celebrate that we have learned better. That we know they are horrors is sufficient to be sure that we've learned.

Android : mi As have countless others in situations far worse and far less responsible in the aftermath. It was the norm until we used Enlightenment principles to establish that it can no longer be and then to secure it. Look up, not down; forward, not back. Get some perspective.

Android : The point of acknowledgement and recognition of a failure is to learn from it and grow because of it, not to forever wallow in it or open the door to manipulators who would twist it against itself. This is hard enough without the grotesque distortions and blatant agendas.

Android : The indigenous people were caught by a horrific accident of history. A half-informed set of global powers, not realizing yet the horrors of conquest, which were the global standard of their times and earlier, did horrifying things. Few empires learned better from their mistakes. twitter.com/miranda45123/s…

Android : The point of the Critical game is to get you to say little taboo-ish negative things that render you more and more skeptical of whatever it is you believe in until you're so far lost that you don't know what you believe anymore. Little by little, always a little too far.

Android : Your point is critical and full of shit. They navigated a very difficult time and issue with grace, courage, and enough foresight to achieve down the road what they knew they, themselves, couldn't. We're being reminded to read Douglass everywhere today. Go see what he said. twitter.com/SkLumos/status…

Android : "He has a point tho" is the motto of the manipulation.

I don't care who has A point. I care who has the most complete point. I have a point when I say that oxygen is a potent and dangerous chemical and that water is a powerful solvent, but I miss most of what matters. twitter.com/SkLumos/status…

Android : This is an urgent book. James is one of the most knowledgeable people about the rot that has infected many vital institutions, and has worked hard to educate the public about it. If you're a progressive like me and you want a strong and vibrant left, buy this book. twitter.com/ConceptualJame…

Android : Actually, you can go do whatever you want, you great spoiled whiner. You're an American. You're free not to celebrate. You're free to hate the country that made you. The full might of this nation defends you in that and the lucrative corporate grift you've built from it. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 twitter.com/Kaepernick7/st…