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Bio Probably the worlds only socialist, horologist redheaded woman with a Beastie Boys tattoo.
Definitely the best.
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Android : Seeing the ticker on the news showing 6.5 million people "vaccinated" is irritating me, when only around half a million have had both doses. Not because it's spin, but normalising the idea of one dose = "vaccinated" may cause people to drop their guard with social distancing.

Android : Not only is a #ZeroCovid strategy possible, it is the only possibility which will work. Without it, we'll be struggling under the virus for months or years to come.
The govt has ignored what has worked in other nations, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands. Demand better.…

Android : "It's a time of national reckoning." Absolutely. Out of this pandemic, we need to carve out a Britain that works for everyone. Not just the richest few.
#JeremyCorbyn #ZeroCovid…

Android : The Government’s Covid strategy isn’t working.

We currently have the highest death rate in the world. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Today at 12 noon I'll be speaking at the launch of the Zero Covid Coalition.

Join us to discuss a new way forward.…

Android : The Queens Wolverine I defy anyone to not want Reynolds in this scene.

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Android : I’m so glad the government has declared a β€œwar on woke” and not a β€œwar on everyone dying”. Better dead than making largely superficial concessions to anti-racism.

Android : Bournemouth: if you see any one out this evening who's homeless please refer them immediately using the info below. We need to get them in. The local authority has to do this in freezing temperatures. Your referral could save a life.

Android : Today is the 35th since my parents had their 1st vaccine dose. If they don't get the 2nd by next Saturday it will be wasted.
We need the vaccine to have maximum efficacy against Covid.
The government are failing & the result will be thousands more deaths & a longer disruption.…